Profiles of 3D Animation Programs & Schools

As the entertainment industries bring in billions of dollars each year, the list of software that artists have to learn keeps growing longer. Needing the newest versions for each program every year can often prove to be quite costly. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a major 3D animation toolkit that was completely open source and free to use even for commercial projects? As many of you already know, that’s exactly what Blender has been doing for years, and each year it further closes the gap between itself and the most expensive software that money can buy.

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Riot Games League of Legends Interview on Champion Animation Process

Rory “RiotLamz” Alderton is a Senior Animator for the League of Legends game developer, Riot Games. After almost six years of working at Jagex Games Studio he joined Riot in April of 2013 as an Animator, and was then promoted to Senior Animator in May of last year. He’s one of the people responsible for making the iconic battle moves for the many playable Champions in their famous MOBA game, which is played by over 27 million gamers from around the world every single day.

We recently ranked Riot Games in fourth place in our 2014 Top 100 Most Influential Video Game Studios list, and last year their Season 4 World Championship reached a prize pool of $2,130,000! To help readers get to know Riot Games better we talked with Rory Alderton about his work at the studio.

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New York Film Academy

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation, Master of Fine Arts in Game Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design, Associate of Fine Arts in Game Design

Tuition Information :
3D Animation: $3,950 - $5,500 for short-term workshops; $15,000 per semester for Bachelor of Fine Arts program
Game Design: $10,000 - 15,000 per semester

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Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Degrees Offered:
Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development - Game Art & Design
Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development - Game Programming
Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media - 3D Animation & Visual F/X

Tuition Information :
2013-2014 Tuition: $16,000 for one year
2014-2015 Tuition: $16,500 for one year

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Below is a list of online schools that offer animation and animation related programs:



Academy of Art University Online

Animation Mentor


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Below is a list of California schools that offer animation and animation related programs:

Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Degrees Offered: AA, BFA, MFA - Animation and Visual Effects

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University of Cincinnati DAAP

The University of Cincinnati is one of the nation’s oldest and most distinguished public institutions, boasting numerous top ranking programs. Its prestigious College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) offers a variety of acclaimed degree programs. Among them, a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication Design allows students to focus on 2D and 3D design through the use of core studies that include courses in typography and kinetic communications. Though admittance is highly competitive, graduates of the program are well placed to enter fields ranging from animation and film effects to advertising and exhibition design. 

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At Animation Career Review we have published dozens of articles detailing the different types of degree programs available in animation, design, gaming, and related fields. Each article defines the program, details the typical coursework involved and notes the type of career paths available to someone with that particualr degree. Bookmark this handy dandy list for future use.

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3D Animation

What Does 3D Animation Mean?

3D animation is the process of animating objects that appear in a three-dimensional space ( The objects can be manipulated like real objects, making this a popular art form for use in filmmaking, television productions, gaming, and graphic design. While most people are familiar with 3D animation in relation to animated films and video games, it is also used widely used in the engineering industry, architecture, education, and the medical field.

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Southeast Missouri State University

Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Art with Concentration in 3D Imaging and Animation, Graphic Design; B. S. Technology Management, Computer and Multimedia Graphics Option; M. S. Technology Management with Focus on Graphics and Multimedia

Tuition Information:  Undergraduate residents, $4,507, nonresidents $8,539; graduate residents $5,791, nonresidents $10,795 for the 2011 – 2012 school year.  Tuition does not include annual fees of $737.

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