Profiles of Cartooning Programs & Schools

School of Visual Arts

Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Animation, Cartooning, Computer Art, Graphic Design, Illustration; M. F. A. Computer Art

Tuition Information:  Undergraduate $35,000; Graduate $39,200 (digital art) for the 2015-2016 school year.  Tuition does not include undergraduate fees of $640-$1,340 (depending on the program) per semester or graduate fees of $1,500 per semester (depending on the program).

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It’s a pleasant surprise to find an intimate animation program within a large, public research institution. It’s an event better find when said program features two very distinctive tracks that cater to the strengths and desires of their students. In the University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Arts & Design, undergrads can do just that by earning a B.F.A. in Art with a focus on either Character Animation or Experimental Animation.

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Krita logo

Do you remember a decade ago, when there was a painting software monopoly? When there were only one or two really good programs to choose from and no competition at all? It sure is nice being a digital artist today, with tons of new software options flooding the market. With so many to choose from now, which are the best of the newcomers though? There’s plenty names to debate, but Krita’s incredible power and impressive speed is quickly making it my favorite new 2D art software. The fact that it’s free and open source only make it even more exciting!

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 25 Ugliest Cartoon Chicks

Female cartoon characters generally fall into one of two categories: sexy or hideous. We've already shown you the sexiest cartoon characters, now its time to dredge to the bottom of the barrel for the top 25 least-sexy cartoon chicks. Keep in mind though, throughout our list of the most hideous, that they're not ugly, they're just drawn that way. Just kidding—they're ugly.

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25 Sexiest Cartoon Babes

No judgment here folks, we understand the tantalizing allure of sexy cartoon kittens. With animated physiques to die for and outfits poorly suited for the real world, cartoon babes present a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of quasi real-world sexuality and the perverseness of the imaginary realms. From Betty Boop's flapper-style frilly knickers to leather-clad Catwoman we've all long been enthralled by these sexy, yet fictional, starlets--so without further ado, here are your top 25 sexiest cartoon babes of all time:

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Below is a list of online schools that offer animation and animation related programs:



Academy of Art University Online

Animation Mentor


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At Animation Career Review we have published dozens of articles detailing the different types of degree programs available in animation, design, gaming, and related fields. Each article defines the program, details the typical coursework involved and notes the type of career paths available to someone with that particualr degree. Bookmark this handy dandy list for future use.

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What Does Drawing Mean?

Drawing is defined as the art or technique of representing an object or outlining a figure, plan, or sketch by means of lines. Artists create drawings using a wide variety of materials and tools. Drawing can be done with a pencil, pen, crayons, chalk, paint, markers, or digitally. The type of tools an artist uses to create drawings will depend on the project and industry. 

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What Does Cartooning Mean?

Cartooning is the process of creating images that tell a story or represent a person, place or thing. Cartoonists may draw, paint, or digitally create images for use in the animation industry, in publishing, gaming, advertising, web design, and graphic design. Cartoonist may also create images to use for job training materials, in the medical field, in engineering, science, education, technology, and even in the criminal justice field.

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The Kubert School

Degrees Offered: Diploma (three-year accredited program)

Tuition Information:  $17,575 for the 2010 – 2011 school year.  Students should also expect to spend $1,100 - $1,300 per year for supplies.

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