Profiles of Illustration Degrees, Programs & Schools

Illustration Schools in Illinois

The State of Illinois is no stranger to firsts. The world’s first skyscraper was built in Chicago and Des Plaines, Illinois is home to the world’s very first 'McDonald’s'. The state is home to one of the world’s largest public libraries, and one of the world’s largest shopping districts—Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Ok, so Illinois is home to lots of big things, but when it comes to education, the list gets even bigger. 

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Illustration Schools in Texas September 16, 2015


Forbes says Houston is America’s Coolest City. Austin is at the top of the list of cities with the best street art and Dallas is home to amazing architecture and some of the nation’s most visited art venues. Texas’s second largest city, San Antonio has an emerging contemporary art scene that attracts spectators from around the world. Yes, Texas has one of the best art and culture scenes in the country, and fine artists such as illustrators have taken notice. Thanks to all that Texas has to offer artists, the state is now home to 110,390 professionals working in Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media (ADESM) occupations.

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School of Visual Arts

Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Animation, Cartooning, Computer Art, Graphic Design, Illustration; M. F. A. Computer Art

Tuition Information:  Undergraduate $35,000; Graduate $39,200 (digital art) for the 2015-2016 school year.  Tuition does not include undergraduate fees of $640-$1,340 (depending on the program) per semester or graduate fees of $1,500 per semester (depending on the program).

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Illustration Schools in New York

Today’s illustrators have to have more than talent. They have to be innovative, confident and even tech savvy. In fact, according to the Bureau pf Labor Statistics, “increasingly, illustrators use computers in their work. They might draw in pen and pencil and then scan the image into a computer to be colored in, or use a special pen to draw images directly onto the computer.”

As such, today’s aspiring illustrators may find themselves working for a top technology firm, a law enforcement agency, science lab, medical institute, in the academic arena or even an engineering company. However, more common careers for illustrators include advertising, publishing, filmmaking, political cartoons, animation, and gaming. Whether in science and engineering or entertainment, aspiring illustrators in the State of New York will find just about every type of illustration job they can think of, and then some. 

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Illustration Schools in California

With nearly 39 million residents, California has the largest population in the U.S. It is home to three of the nation’s top ten largest cities—Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose, and it is home to more artists than any other place on the planet.

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Krita logo

Do you remember a decade ago, when there was a painting software monopoly? When there were only one or two really good programs to choose from and no competition at all? It sure is nice being a digital artist today, with tons of new software options flooding the market. With so many to choose from now, which are the best of the newcomers though? There’s plenty names to debate, but Krita’s incredible power and impressive speed is quickly making it my favorite new 2D art software. The fact that it’s free and open source only make it even more exciting!

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Situated in the downtown corridor of sunny San Jose, California, sits San Jose State University- the founding school of the California State University system. Not to be missed for our readers, SJSU’s acclaimed Animation & Illustration program is one to remember. It attracts students from around the world with its comprehensive approach to the craft, a-list guest lecturers and internship opportunities, a challenging curriculum and faculty at the top of their game.

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Wisconsin Illustration

From animator to courtroom sketch artist, illustrators have more career options than ever before. Just a few growing career fields for illustrators include children’s book illustrator, video game illustrator, courtroom illustrator, storyboard artist, editorial illustrator, fashion illustrator, advertising illustrator, and medical illustrator. Because illustrators use a combination of manual tools and advanced software to create images, they are in high demand in the design field, architecture, technology, digital art, web design, and more.

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University of Wisconsin – Parkside

Degrees Offered: B. A. Digital Arts with Concentration in Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration or Web Design

Tuition Information:  Undergraduate residents $7,293, nonresidents $14,866 for the 2012 – 2013 school year.

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It takes a tremendous amount of talent to create eye-catching illustrations, but in today’s competitive world of art, it takes more than talent to land a lucrative position. Top employers are looking for candidates with extraordinary talent, experience, and a degree in illustration or a related field. To be a successful illustrator, you must also have advanced computer skills, as many careers in the field require the use of industry-specific software.

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