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 Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art

Degrees Offered: BFA Entertainment Art, Certificate Entertainment Art, BFA Fine Art, Certificate Fine Art

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West Virginia Studio Art

The studio art major is in high demand, which is why colleges across the U.S. have taken notice. Many schools have expanded existing studio art programs or established new ones. A typical studio art program offers coursework in multiple disciplines, with a focus in up to two disciplines. Studio art majors may choose focus areas such as ceramics, fiber, glass blowing, illustration, painting and drawing, and photography. Many expanded programs now offer a focus in digital art, graphic design, interior design, and more.

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West Virginia Photography

West Virginia is home to dozens of art venues and art associations, as well as thousands of working and solo artists. The state’s working artists are employed with art museums and galleries, production studios, art centers, colleges, creative agencies, photography studios, and more. West Virginia-based photographers work in these environments and still others that you might not think of. Photographers are in demand at research centers, forensics services, law enforcement agencies, medical centers, public relations firms, entertainment companies, television stations, publishers, and more.

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West Virginia Fine Art

From Lost World Caverns to Huntington Museum of Art (HMOA), The Mountain State is home to some of the top attractions in the region, if not the U.S. Other things to see include the New River Gorge Bridge, Snowshoe Mountain, and Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine. Artists and art lovers alike will also enjoy exploring The Art Museum of West Virginia University, or taking in a performance at Carnegie Hall—one of only four in the world. West Virginia is also comfortably close to several bustling cities that lie just beyond the border. These include Pittsburgh PA, Columbus OH, Baltimore MD, and Greensboro NC.

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West Virginia Digital Art

A painter’s tool of choice is the paintbrush. A graffiti artist uses spray paint to create art. A digital artist or designers uses computer software as a primary tool to create art for video games, websites, installations, and more. While most artists (especially independent artists) work long hours, digital artists and designers have one of the industries most grueling schedules outside of filmmaking. Deadlines are tight and working until 2 a.m. is common. However, digital artists and designers have such a passion for this type of art, that they welcome the challenge.

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Art Schools in West Virginia

November 5, 2012
West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the smallest states on the map. According to the most recent Census Bureau report (2012), The Mountain State is home to 1.8 million+ residents. While the population is among the smallest in the U.S., West Virginia is home to so many big attractions, you’ll lose count! The New River Gorge Bridge, Snowshoe Mountain, Lost World Caverns, and Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine are just a few.

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Wisconsin Studio Art

If you prefer more hands-on training and less classroom instruction, a studio art program may be exactly what you’re looking for. Studio art programs are designed based on the idea that the best way to learn is by “doing.” This means, students spend most of their time in a studio setting working on everything from experimental art to illustrations to sculptures. Some programs may also offer a focus in computer-based art forms such as graphic design and digital art, or other areas of design such as interior design. However, some of the most common studio art concentrations are drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, fibers, glass, and sculpture.

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 Wisconsin Photography

Photographers use digital cameras, film cameras, computers, mobile communications, and other equipment to capture images. Some specialize in photographing people, while others may specialize in photographing landscapes, merchandise, animals, events, or other subjects. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers may also “develop negatives or use computer software to produce finished images and prints.” In today’s competitive world of photography, chances are, most photographers perform these duties—and then some.

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Bowling Green State University may be in the heart of rural Ohio, but it plays home to one of the nation’s largest Digital Arts programs. With tracks that include Computer Animation & Video, Imaging and Interactive Multimedia, BGSU students also have a multitude of specialized courses to choose from that reflect the technological and industry evolutions of the field.

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Wisconsin Illustration

From animator to courtroom sketch artist, illustrators have more career options than ever before. Just a few growing career fields for illustrators include children’s book illustrator, video game illustrator, courtroom illustrator, storyboard artist, editorial illustrator, fashion illustrator, advertising illustrator, and medical illustrator. Because illustrators use a combination of manual tools and advanced software to create images, they are in high demand in the design field, architecture, technology, digital art, web design, and more.

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