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Do you remember a decade ago, when there was a painting software monopoly? When there were only one or two really good programs to choose from and no competition at all? It sure is nice being a digital artist today, with tons of new software options flooding the market. With so many to choose from now, which are the best of the newcomers though? There’s plenty names to debate, but Krita’s incredible power and impressive speed is quickly making it my favorite new 2D art software. The fact that it’s free and open source only make it even more exciting!

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Riot Games League of Legends Interview on Champion Animation Process

Rory “RiotLamz” Alderton is a Senior Animator for the League of Legends game developer, Riot Games. After almost six years of working at Jagex Games Studio he joined Riot in April of 2013 as an Animator, and was then promoted to Senior Animator in May of last year. He’s one of the people responsible for making the iconic battle moves for the many playable Champions in their famous MOBA game, which is played by over 27 million gamers from around the world every single day.

We recently ranked Riot Games in fourth place in our 2014 Top 100 Most Influential Video Game Studios list, and last year their Season 4 World Championship reached a prize pool of $2,130,000! To help readers get to know Riot Games better we talked with Rory Alderton about his work at the studio.

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West Virginia Studio Art

The studio art major is in high demand, which is why colleges across the U.S. have taken notice. Many schools have expanded existing studio art programs or established new ones. A typical studio art program offers coursework in multiple disciplines, with a focus in up to two disciplines. Studio art majors may choose focus areas such as ceramics, fiber, glass blowing, illustration, painting and drawing, and photography. Many expanded programs now offer a focus in digital art, graphic design, interior design, and more.

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Wisconsin Studio Art

If you prefer more hands-on training and less classroom instruction, a studio art program may be exactly what you’re looking for. Studio art programs are designed based on the idea that the best way to learn is by “doing.” This means, students spend most of their time in a studio setting working on everything from experimental art to illustrations to sculptures. Some programs may also offer a focus in computer-based art forms such as graphic design and digital art, or other areas of design such as interior design. However, some of the most common studio art concentrations are drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, fibers, glass, and sculpture.

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Virginia Studio Art

Studio Art is “any type of visual art made in a studio.” A typical studio art program offers a focus in ceramics, drawing, fiber, glass, painting, photography, and printmaking. However, studio art programs allow students to dabble in all areas, and some allow students to focus in multiple areas. Still, others may offer alternative concentrations in digital art, graphic design, or interior design studio, to name a few.

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Studio Art Schools in Utah October 16, 2012


Studio art is one of the most aggressive majors an art and design school can offer. Students have the opportunity to take some of the same courses featured in a general art degree program, with several noted differences. One of the biggest differences is studio art majors will spend a significant amount of time working in a studio setting rather than a classroom. They may also select one or more focus areas such as painting + drawing, illustration, ceramics, glass blowing, fiber, or photography. Some studio art programs also offer focus areas such as digital art, graphic design, and interior design.

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Studio Art Schools in Texas October 12, 2012


From drawing and painting to sculpting and glass blowing, studio artists do it all! According to admissions materials from a variety of colleges, studio art is basically, “any type of visual art made in a studio.” In addition to painting and glass blowing, studio artist create sculptures, photography, large-scale installations, experimental art, ceramics, and more. A typical studio art program may feature the study of drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, fiber, glass, printmaking, and photography, but some may also delve into digital art, graphic design, interior design and many others.

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Degrees Offered: B. A., B. F. A. Studio Art with Concentration in Digital Art; B. F. A. Visual Communication Design

Tuition Information:  Undergraduate residents $7,372, nonresidents $18,117 for the 2012 – 2013 school year.

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Studio Art Schools in Tennessee September 26, 2012


What can I you do with a studio art degree? Plenty—especially if you live in the state of Tennessee! Studio art students spend most of their time working in their respective concentration areas, so when any given program is complete, new graduates are prepared to dive right in, whether its at a renowned studio or if they decide to start their own.

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Viterbo University

Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Studio Art with Concentration in Graphic Arts and New Media, B. S. Communication Studies with Visual Communication Focus

Tuition Information:  Undergraduate $22,080 for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  Tuition does not include fees of $590 per year.

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