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Arizona Graphic Design Schools

Written by ACR StaffJanuary 18, 2012
Arizona Graphic Design Schools
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The state of Arizona is home to a number of top advertising agencies such as Bernard Hodes Group, J. Walter Thompson, and Carlson Marketing Group. The state is also home to dozens of web design firms, media companies, and design studios that regularly recruit students from graphic design programs throughout the state. This isn’t the only reason aspiring graphic designers say Arizona is a prime place to study and train. The state has more sunny days than just about any other state, it has more museums and art galleries than most other states, the cost of living is lower than the national average, and breathtaking natural wonders abound from the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River. Who could ask for more?

Arizona Graphic Design Schools

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Arizona is home to a number of art schools and traditional colleges that offer a degree in Graphic Design. Some offer 2-year programs, while others offer 4-year programs that lead to a Bachelor’s Degree. Scroll through the list below see what Arizona’s Graphic Design schools have to offer.

Collins College – Degrees Offered: A. A., B. F. A. Graphic Design; B. S. Game Production

The Art Center Design College - Degrees Offered: B. A. Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation

More Arizona Schools with Graphic Design related programs:  

Employment and Salary Trends for Arizona Graphic Designers

Arizona is home to thousands of graphic designers working in advertising, web design, media, and many other industries. In 2010, the state was home to 3,140 salaried graphic designers and possibly hundreds of self-employed designers. Although the population of graphic designers living in Arizona decreased from 3,940 between 2006 and 2010, salaries increased slightly. In 2006, Arizona graphic designers earned an average salary of $42,850 per year. As of 2010, they earned $43,480 per year.

As of 2010, the mean annual wage for graphic designers nationwide was $48,140 per year. The lowest paid graphic designers earned less than $26,110 (median), and the highest 10 percent earned more than $74,660 (median). The middle 50 percent earned between $32,600 and $56,620 (median).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “senior designers, who may supervise junior staff or have some decision-making authority that reflects their knowledge of graphic design,” earned a median salary of $60,000. “Solo designers who freelanced or worked under contract reported median earnings of $57,000. Design directors, the creative heads of design firms or in-house corporate design departments,” earn $95,000. “Graphic designers with ownership or partnership interests in a firm or who are principals of the firm in some other capacity” average $95,000 per year.