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Art Schools in Missouri

Written by ACR StaffFebruary 6, 2012
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Missouri is the country’s eighteenth largest state, with a population of nearly 6 million. The largest cities in the state are Kansas City, St. Louis. Springfield, Independence, and Columbia. While Missouri has dozens of quaint small towns that have actually continued to grow over the past three decades, most people that move to Missouri end up in Kansas City, St. Louis, or other principal city. These cities are home to some of the state’s top art museums, galleries, performance venues, and many art and design schools.

The Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM), The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City are just a few major attractions for art lovers and artists alike. These and other places like each city’s department of cultural affairs and groups like the Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies (MACAA) help keep the art and culture scene alive in The Show Me State.

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Missouri’s learning institutions also play an active role in strengthening the art and culture scene. Some offer art programs for individuals that want to study painting, illustration, or drawing, while others offer programs for artists interested in animation, film, or experimental art. Lindenwood University in Saint Charles and The Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) are just a few popular options.

Missouri Art Schools

Missouri is home to more than 120 accredited colleges and universities with more than 300,000 students enrolled. Thousands are enrolled in art programs, with more than 650 enrolled in the state’s top art programs alone. Scroll through the list below to take a look at Missouri’s best options for aspiring artists and what they have to offer.  

Cape Girardeau
Southeast Missouri State University - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Art with Concentration in 3D Imaging and Animation, Graphic Design; B. S. Technology Management, Computer and Multimedia Graphics Option; M. S. Technology Management with Focus on Graphics and Multimedia

University of Missouri - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Art, B. F. A. Art with Graphic Design Focus, M. F. A. Art, M. F. A. Art with Graphic Design Focus

Missouri Southern State University - Degrees Offered: B. A. Art with Graphic Design Emphasis

Kansas City
Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Illustration, Painting, Digital Filmmaking, Animation, Digital Media, Graphic Design

Northwest Missouri State - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Art with Graphic Design Specialization, B. S. Interactive Digital Media with Visual Imaging Concentration, Computer Science Concentration or New Media Concentration

Saint Charles
Lindenwood University – Degrees Offered: B. A. Digital Cinema Arts, Interactive Media and Web Design; B. F. A. Studio Art with Computer and Graphic Art Emphasis; M. A., M. F. A. Studio Art with Computer Art Emphasis

Missouri State University – Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Art with Option in Computer Animation, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration; B. S. Electronic Arts with Option in Computer Animation Studies, Multimedia Studies

St. Joseph
Missouri Western State University – Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Digital Animation, Graphic Design, Studio Art with Concentration in Illustration; M. A. A. Integrated Media

St. Louis
University of Missouri - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Studio Art with Graphic Design Emphasis

University of Central Missouri - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Graphic Design, Studio Art with Illustration Emphasis

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Employment and Salary Trends for Missouri Artists

Missouri is home to around 35,820 salaried artists. In 2002, it was home to 33,930.
The average salary for artists increased as well between 2002 and 2010. Missouri artists averaged $37,540 in 2002 and in 2010, they averaged $43,900. The mean annual wage for artists nationwide was $52,290 in 2010. In 2002, the average salary was $41,660.

Fine Artists: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Missouri was home to 360 salaried fine artists in 2002. In 2010, the figure had decreased significantly to 120. The good news is, salaries increased significantly during the same time period. The average salary for Missouri fine artists was $32,080 in 2002. In 2010, it was $54,750

Art Directors: Missouri had a population of 500 art directors in 2002. By 2010, the population had increased to 680. Salaries increased significantly as well during the same period. In 2002, Missouri art directors averaged $62,460. In 2010, they averaged $72,810.