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Atomic Cartoons - Career Profile

Written by Michelle BurtonSeptember 2, 2011
"Atomic Cartoons"
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What does it take to get a job with Atomic Cartoons? What is it like working at Atomic Cartoons? ACR takes a look:

About Atomic Cartoons

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Atomic Cartoons is an award-winning full-service animation studio operating out of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Since 1999, Atomic Cartoons has created and produced animation for feature films, commercials, music videos, and television series. The company specializes in animation pre-production, harmony, design, CG, traditional and Flash animation, content creation, development, commercial spots, storyboard, directing, and voice casting.

Atomic Cartoons is home to partners Mauro Casalese, Rob Davies, Trevor Bentley and Rob Simmons, along with a team of animators, producers, writers, and directors whose work is recognized throughout North America. Together, this group of renowned creatives has produced works for clients such as Cartoon Network, Walt Disney, Mattel, Warner Bros., and Cookie Jar. Atomic Cartoons has a number of its own television shows as well including Atomic Betty, which aired in more than 180 territories. Atomic Betty received Annie, Leo, Gemini, and Bafta awards.

Atomic Cartoons is home to dozens of creative professionals. The office is located around 50 miles or so from Bellingham, WA and around 150 miles or so from Seattle, WA.

Atomic Cartoons Jobs

Like most animation studios, Atomic Cartoons is always looking for fresh talent. Between April and August 2011 the company had more than seven openings, along with one open call announcement for all positions. Open positions included:

  • Flash Animator
  • AFX Animator/Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Storyboard Revisionist
  • Background Designer
  • Harmony Animator
  • Harmony Builder/Poser

According to the company website, applicants must submit a resume and cover letter. Materials may be submitted to It is important to include the job code, if available. Please continue to check the website for new job openings and any residency requirements that may have changed.

Atomic Cartoons Salaries

Atomic Cartoon salaries vary based on position, experience, and other factors. The company does not list salaries on its website. However, salaries at nearby companies, such as Rainmaker Entertainment, have been reported by Glassdoor. Just a few examples are:

  • Animator: $39,000-$46,000
  • Animator (Contractor): $40,000-$44,000
  • Senior Animator: $50,000-$55,000
  • Production Coordinator: $38,000-$41,000

Across the border in Seattle, Washington, animators average around $62,420 per year. Statewide, animators average $62,250 per year. Across the U.S., animators earn a mean annual salary of $63,440.