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Design Schools in Ohio

Written by ACR StaffJune 27, 2012
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Ohio might not have a bigger design scene as say, New York or Los Angeles, but the state’s principal cities (and even some smaller cities) have a lively art and design scene that’s strong enough to support Ohio’s many aspiring designers. Head over to Columbus, the state’s largest city, where you’ll find one of the region’s largest art and design museums—the Columbus Museum of Art and Design. In Cleveland, you’ll find the popular Cleveland Museum of Art, and in Cincinnati, you’ll find the Cincinnati Art Museum—one of the state’s top attractions.

In addition to a healthy art and design scene, Ohio (the nation’s seventh largest state) is home to the country’s sixth largest collection of colleges. What’s even better is a large number of the state’s 215 colleges offer some of the nation’s best art and design programs. Just a few top art and design schools here include the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and Columbus College. Continue reading to find out which schools offer the best programs for aspiring designers.

Ohio Design Schools

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Ohio design schools come in all shapes and sizes. Some are part of a larger college or university that offers all majors from A-Z, while others only offer art and design majors. Scroll through the list below to review Ohio’s best options for aspiring designers and what they have to offer.

University of Cincinnati - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Art with Concentration in Electronic Art (Video and Computer Arts), B. S. Graphic Communications Design; M. F. A. Fine Art with Concentration in Electronic Art, Master of Design in Visualization

The Ohio State University - Degrees Offered: B. F. A. Art and Technology, B. S. Design with Concentration in Visual Communication Design; M.F.A. Art and Technology; M. F. A. Digital Animation and Interactive Media

Kent State University – Degrees Offered: B. A., B. F. A. Graphic Design – 2D, Graphic Design – 3D, Photo-Illustration, B. S. Computer Design, Animation and Game Design; M. A., M. F. A. Visual Communication Design

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Employment and Salary Trends for Ohio Design Professionals

The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers employment and salary information for artists and designers as a group. According to the latest report by the Bureau (March 2012), Ohio is home to a sizable community of 53,830 artists and designers. While the talent pool has increased and decreased quite a bit over the years, Ohio still has one of the largest populations of salaried artists and designers in the U.S.

Nevertheless, in 2002, the state was home to 55,470 salaried artists and designers. In 2006, the population decreased to 53,560, only to take a huge jump to 56,330 in 2008. The population fell again between 2008 and today to its current 53,830.
Fortunately, salary growth has been more consistent. In 2002, Ohio artists and designers averaged $36,220. The average salary increased to $41,090 in 2006, and again to $42,140 in 2008. Today, Ohio artists and designers average $44,060 a year.