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How to Become an Animator in Louisville, Kentucky

Written by ACR StaffMarch 12, 2012
Animator in Louisville, Kentucky
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The city of Louisville, Kentucky supports more than 70,000 local commercial businesses and numerous resident artists landing jobs as professional animators.  Advances in digital media technology have accelerated the process of animated film production, increasing the demand for local animation artists.

Louisville Schools and Training Programs for Animation

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Colleges, Universities and other educational centers in Louisville, Kentucky feature assorted courses and professional programs in animation design.  Louisville artists attending local colleges often major in photography or communications design.  Well-regarded Louisville animation schools include Louisville Technical Institute and Jefferson Community College in Louisville, as well as Daymar College in Owensboro. 

Some local Louisville artists earn degrees via virtual design colleges.  Accredited online animation schools include the Academy of Art University, DeVry, Post University, Full Sail University, Stratford Career Institute, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes and ITT Tech.  Some cyber art schools are known for their local campuses and resource facilities.  University of Phoenix and ITT Tech have training centers in Louisville.

Working as an Animator in Louisville, Kentucky

Lots and lots of Louisville companies hire professional animators to create video games, mobile apps, cartoons, animated feature films, website banner ads, public announcements and medical animation, among other things.  Some Louisville artists climb on board with local animation studios like Realistic Arts Entertainment.  Other local artists are employed by Louisville-based, graphics-oriented IT corporations.  Leading Louisville info tech firms include Confluent Technologies, Innovative Information Systems, Digital Photo Technologies and Mini Max Information Systems.

A full time professional animator living in the city of Louisville, Kentucky and employed by an American business earns, on average, about $56,000 per year, with a mean hourly rate of about $27.00.  However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide data regarding the incomes of part timers, freelance professionals and Louisville animators employed by foreign companies.  

Skills of a Professional Animator

All professional animators are highly skilled illustrators with solid photography experience and exceptionally innovative computer-generated artwork.  They are also proactive, self-motivated, highly organized individuals with superb communication skills and extraordinary storytelling expertise.  Aside from that, the technical skills required for professional animation depend on the kind of animation being produced.  Creators of two-dimensional animation are experts at layout and color schemes, as well as related software like Adobe Illustrator, Photo Shop, Claymation Studio, Flash Animation and Toon Boom Digital Pro, among others.  Three-D animation requires additional qualifications such as prototyping, model making, set design and familiarity with related software like Maya or 3D Studio Max.