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How to Become an Animator in Omaha, Nebraska

Written by ACR StaffMarch 21, 2012
How to become an animator in Omaha, Nebraska
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The city of Omaha, Nebraska has as many as 50,000 commercial businesses (including several Fortune-500 companies) and hundreds of resident artists pursuing careers.  Fortunately for them, Omaha provides a wide open job market for talented animation professionals.

Omaha Schools and Training Programs for Animation

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Colleges, Universities and other adult schools in Omaha, Nebraska offer numerous educational opportunities in animated design.  Aspiring animators enrolled at local art colleges often major in visual arts, computer science, photography or mass media.  Omaha colleges featuring animation design programs include College of St. Mary, The Creative Center, Metropolitan Community College, Vatterott College and Creighton University, among others. 

Some Omaha animators opt to obtain professional skills and degrees at virtual design schools.  Popular accredited online colleges with animation skills training include the Academy of Art University, Post University, DeVry, Full Sail University, Stratford Career Institute, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes and ITT Tech, for example.  Many cyber art colleges also feature local campuses.  University of Phoenix and ITT Tech both have campuses in Omaha./P>

Working as an Animator in Omaha, Nebraska

Many different types of organizations hire local animators.  Omaha, Nebraska businesses in need of local animation experts include medical schools, legal service agencies, engineering firms, advertisers, website designers and photo labs, as well as software developers who create interactive media products.  Some Omaha animators work for local animation studios like Animation Lane, Chvala, Dog-&-Pony Productions, Oberon Entertainment or Hollywood Export Video Productions.  Other local animators work for graphics IT corporations.  Omaha-based graphic info tech firms include Cyberlaunch, Quanta, HDM, Vertrue and CSG Systems.

Full time professional animators living in Omaha, Nebraska average about $41,000 per year, with a mean hourly wage of around $19.50.  Animators in big cities like Omaha tend to earn more than animators in more remote Nebraska locations.  Nonetheless, Nebraska ranks second-to-last among states in terms of average annual incomes for local animators, according to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Skills of a Professional Animator

Animators are skilled illustrators, capable of quickly sketching clever characterizations in many different postures, poses and styles.  Animation drawing styles include cartoon art, caricature, realism, mechanical, conceptual, International and fashion illustration, among others.  Animators are also talented digital artists who consistently create compelling computer-generated designs.  Also essential to successful animation is a handy grasp of photography, including technical lighting and camera angles.  Other crucial animation skills include web page construction, interactive media design and fluency in one or more programming languages.