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How to Become an Animator in Tucson, Arizona

Written by ACR StaffMarch 7, 2012
How to become an animator in Tucson, Arizona
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The city of Tucson, Arizona, which supports about 70,000 commercial businesses, offers ample opportunities for artists pursuing careers in the field of visual animation.  Tremendous technological leaps in the development of digital art have multiplied the economic demand for animators everywhere.

Tucson Schools and Training Programs for Animation

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Quite a few colleges and Universities in Tucson provide training and offer degree programs in animated design.  Aspiring Tucson, Arizona animators typically major in visual communications or photography.  Popular local animation art schools include Chaparral College, Pima Community College, Tucson Design College and University of Arizona. 

Some Tucson artists enroll at one of many nationwide accredited virtual art colleges.  Online schools with animation arts programs include the Academy of Art University, Full Sail University, Stratford Career Institute, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes and others.  Some online animation schools also feature campus-based training.  University of Phoenix, ITT Tech and The Art Institute all have campuses in Tucson. 

Working as an Animator in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson commercial enterprises, community groups and government offices hire animators for various purposes.  Companies in Tucson that recruit the services of professional animators include TV stations, online news syndicates, colleges, hospitals, engineering development teams, web designers, advertisers, software firms and many others.

Some Tucson, Arizona artists work for local animation studios like Abbott Media Productions or Miller Design.  Others team up with local motion picture producers who do their own animation.  Top Tucson film makers include Eyefull Video Productions, Escapade Designs, Commotion Studios, Succulent Productions and Tellens.  Some Tucson animators are employed by information technology companies specializing in digital graphics.  Among the most successful local info tech firms are AOL, Cyberheat, Sunquest Information Systems, Tucson Tech Services and Wowsers Web Design. 

Based on recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, animators who work 40-hour weeks in Tucson, Arizona earn, on average, about $57,000 per year, with a mean hourly wage of around $28.00.  However, this data does not reflect the unreported incomes of part time animators, freelance professionals and Tucson artists employed by foreign companies.  

Skills of a Professional Animator

Professional animation calls for highly advanced drawing skills in different styles and mediums.  Next on the qualifications agenda is full computer literacy and complete familiarity with all relevant visual animation software.  Today's animation designers are also familiar with web design, mobile app development, interactive media, photography, programming languages and computer operating systems.  Especially appreciated by the potential employer is project management potential.  Last but not least, artistic talent is an absolute must.