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How to Become a Graphic Designer in Charleston, South Carolina

Written by ACR StaffMarch 19, 2012
How to become a graphic designer in Charleston, South Carolina
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The city of Charleston, South Carolina is a place more than 120,000 people call home.  Featuring as many as 25,000 businesses, Charleston is also the adopted home town of professional graphic designers by the dozens.  Businesses and community groups all over Charleston hire local graphic artists for assorted visual communication projects.

Charleston Schools and Training Programs for Graphic Design

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Colleges and Universities in Charleston, South Carolina offer various different degree programs in graphic design.  Popular Charleston design schools include Medical University of South Carolina and Trident Technical College.  Beyond the local design colleges are schools inside your home.  Numerous online graphic design degree programs are available nationwide.  Among the largest accredited design schools with online degree programs are The Art Institutes, ITT Tech, University of Phoenix and DeVry.  Most graphic artists attending design colleges in Charleston, South Carolina major in visual communications, though some may opt for emphasis on photography or fine arts. 

Working as a Graphic Designer in Charleston, South Carolina

Some graphic design professionals in Charleston, South Carolina work for leading local advertisers.  Top Charleston ad agencies include Bosworth Group, Davis Advertising and Blue-Maggie, among others.  Some local artists team up with successful South Carolina motion picture companies.  Leading Charleston movie producers include Almes Productions, Chart Group and Presentation Services.

Charleston graphic designers also work for automotive manufacturers, textile producers, colleges, art galleries, publishers and many other commercial businesses.  Local graphic design jobs available to Charleston-based artists include technical illustrations, assembly instructions, clinical charts, restaurant menus, company logos, educational materials, web pages and more. 

Today, commercial enterprises in the United States support more well over a quarter million professional graphic designers.  The average annual income of a graphic designer employed in the state of South Carolina is about $41,330, with mean hourly wage of roughly $19.90.  About half of all graphic designers working for companies in America earn between $30,000 and $60,000 a year, although designers in relatively large cities like Charleston tend to earn more than designers in less populated areas.  South Carolina ranks 33rd among states in terms of average income for corporate graphic designers. 

Skills of a Graphic Designer

Graphic design work requires certain technical skills, as well as particular personality traits.  Technical qualifications, usually acquired through earning a degree in visual arts, include drawing methods, digital art, photography and especially typography, which is the manipulation and placement of linguistic symbols against well-defined backgrounds.  Other desirable technical skills include web page design, interactive media, social networking and online marketing.  Preferred personality traits of professional graphic designers include artistic talent, perfectionism and an unstoppable urge to communicate.