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How to Become a Multimedia Editor in Manchester, New Hampshire

Written by Judee ShipmanApril 5, 2012
How to become a multimedia editor in Manchester, New Hampshire
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The city of Manchester, New Hampshire has a talented community of local artists pursuing careers in audio-visual arts.  Multimedia design is the fastest growing occupation in the visual arts industry, and editing is the most available occupation in multimedia design.  Manchester features many media-friendly commercial and private businesses in need of multimedia editing services.

Manchester Schools and Training Programs for Multimedia Editing

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Colleges, Universities and training facilities all over Manchester, New Hampshire offer multimedia classes and accredited training.  Manchester multimedia editors who attend local colleges study computer science, broadcasting and visual arts, among other related topics.  Manchester art schools with audio-visual design programs include Hesser College, New Hampshire Community Technical College and Southern New Hampshire University. 

Aspiring multimedia editors in Manchester often acquire technical skills via virtual training and degree programs.  Successful accredited online film colleges include the Academy of Art University, DeVry, Post University, Full Sail University, Stratford Career Institute, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes and ITT Tech, among others.  In many cases, internet-based art colleges supplement their offerings with convenient local campuses and resource centers.

Working as a Multimedia Editor in Manchester, New Hampshire

Media-friendly business entities in Manchester, New Hampshire include motion picture producers, animation studios, IT corporations, online news syndicates, software developers and many more.  Some local audio-visual editors are employed at Manchester-based TV stations like Manchester-Community-TV, WMUR-ABC-9 and WNEU-NBC, for instance.  Manchester sound editors often work for local radio stations like Rock-101, The-Radio-Annex, WMLL, WXRV and WZID, among others.

Professional multimedia editors who are employed full time in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire might earn about $50,000 to $60,000 per year.  They can reasonably expect a mean hourly rate of around $25 to $30, although this is a very rough estimate.

Skills of a Professional Multimedia Editor

Professional audio-visual editors are somewhat skilled at every stage of the production process.   Their primary responsibility consists of manipulating and reorganizing raw video footage and sound fragments into finished presentations.  They do this mainly with digital editing software like Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Flash (to name only a few), but sometimes with traditional, cut-and-tape editing techniques, depending on the nature of the project.  Multimedia editors are also experienced script writers, camera operators and lighting designers.  Personal attributes preferred of audio-visual editors are creative, conceptual comprehension and the ability to follow directions, as well as smooth collaboration and superb self-motivation.