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Info on Working as an Animator in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Written by ACR StaffMarch 19, 2012
How to become an animator in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota supports about 17,000 commercial businesses, including hundreds of visual media-info tech corporations.  Advances in animated film production have virtually squared the economic demand for local animators.

Sioux Falls Schools and Training Programs for Animation

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Universities, colleges and other adult schools in Sioux Falls, South Dakota offer various courses and degree programs in animation design.  Aspiring Sioux Falls animators acquiring technical skills and earning degrees typically enroll at Southeast Technical Institute. 

Some Sioux Falls designers prefer the convenience of virtual college courses.  Popular accredited online arts colleges with animation degree programs include University of Phoenix, ITT Tech, The Art Institutes, DeVry and Stratford Career Institute, to name a few.  Many cyber design schools also maintain physical campuses and local resource centers. 

Working as an Animator in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Many business associations in Sioux Falls hire local animators for professional film work.  Professional animated productions include cartoons, video games, mobile apps, instructional software, promotional designs, web site banner ads, medical animation and many more.  Some Sioux Falls artists sign up with local animation studios.  Others create animated clips and segments for local film producers.  Successful Sioux Falls motion picture companies include 2K Productions, Artistic Video, Atokad, Choir Boys Productions and Complete Media.  Some local animators land lucrative positions with graphics-oriented IT corporations.  Leading Sioux Falls info tech firms include Data Sync, Internet Marketing Service, Silicon Strategic Solutions, Knight-Tro-Soft and Symbiotic Design. 

Professional animators employed full time in Sioux Falls, South Dakota earn about $40,000 per year on average, with a mean hourly wage of around $20.00.  South Dakota ranks last among states for average annual income paid to animation professionals.  However, Sioux Falls artists tend to earn higher incomes than similarly employed artists in other parts of the state, and these figures do not reflect the salaries of freelance animators.

Skills of a Professional Animator

Preferred personality traits of an animation professional include astute observational powers, well-developed communication skills, high-level organization, supreme self-motivation and a clever, visually aligned sense of humor.  Some skills can simply not be taught.  Let's now discuss the ones that can.  Technical qualifications needed for successful animated motion pictures include versatile drawing technique, photographic expertise, innovative digital design work and proficiency with all related software.  Other desirable skills include HTML fluency, web page construction and interactive media development.  Animators also grasp character development, story lines and script analysis, as animators more often than not perform as part of a creative team.  Smooth collaboration and project management skills are a definite plus.