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Info on Working as a Graphic Designer in Lexington, Kentucky

Written by ACR StaffFebruary 18, 2012
Graphic Designer in Lexington, Kentucky
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With a population approaching 300,000 and more than 30,000 commercial businesses, Lexington, Kentucky is an ideal home for local artists pursuing careers in graphic design.  Assorted companies throughout the city of Lexington employ graphic designers for many different purposes.

Lexington Schools and Training Programs for Graphic Design

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A number of Lexington, Kentucky colleges and Universities offer degree programs in graphic design, also known as communications design.  Popular local design schools include Blue Grass Community College, Spencerian College, University of Kentucky and Transylvania University. Increasing numbers of Lexington, Kentucky residents earn graphic design degrees online.  Among the most prolific schools offering online programs in graphic design are The Art Institutes, ITT Tech, University of Phoenix and DeVry.

Aspiring graphic designers in Lexington, Kentucky typically major in Communications Design or Fine Arts.  A degree program might include computer science, website design, digital art, traditional media, photography, animation, technical drawing, typography, printmaking and the professional applications of design software.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Lexington, Kentucky

Graphic designers in Lexington, Kentucky remain in high demand.  Local employment options include designing brand logos, visual product descriptions, promotional art, educational materials, book covers, web pages, product packaging, street signs, home interiors, textile prints and assembly instructions, among many other things. 

Some graphic designers work for leading local advertising agencies like Ad-Venture Promotions, Ad-Success Marketing, Cue Paging, Meridian Communications, Transwestern Publishing and others too numerous to mention here.  Other local designers create film credits and promotional media for Lexington, Kentucky motion picture producers.  Successful examples include Asher & Asher, House-of-Commons, Idle Minds Productions, Media Vision and Modern Sound Industries.

Other companies in Lexington, Kentucky that hire graphic designers include art galleries, news syndicates, patent offices, software developers, colleges, book publishers, retailers, equipment manufacturers, industrial contractors, architects, real estate agents and many more. 

About half of all professional graphic designers in America earn gross annual incomes between $30,000 and $60,000.  Commercial businesses in the United States currently employ more than 250,000 visual artists.  The starting salary of a communications design specialist depends on education, related experience and expertise, among other things.  Employers also review design portfolios when selecting professional talent.  A design portfolio is a book of photo images  representing the designer's best work. 

Skills of a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is basically very precise artwork, aimed at communicating specific messages to particular groups, usually for commercial purposes.  Most graphic design work consists of page layout.  Page layout is the organization, alteration and rearrangement of the size, color, location, orientation and other visual attributes of images on a page, as well as the background for those images.

Graphic designers smoothly blend technology, psychology, visual arts and smart marketing techniques to obtain a desired consumer reaction.  Professional graphic designers understand juxtaposition of form, how colors affect moods, the perspective of the human eye, the emotional impact of symbols, the importance of the location of the observer and quite a few other visual realities invisible to the rest of us.