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Info on Working as a Video Game Designer in Lincoln, Nebraska

Written by ACR StaffFebruary 15, 2012
Video Game Designer in Lincoln, Nebraska
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Many who seek high-tech jobs in Lincoln, Nebraska are landing lucrative positions in the fields of animation and video game design.  With a population of well over a quarter million, Lincoln is filled with employment opportunities for this kind of work.  Companies throughout the state of Nebraska hire video game design experts.  Quite a few of these businesses are located in Lincoln.

Lincoln Schools and Training Programs for Video Game Design

Colleges in Lincoln, Nebraska offer different types of degree programs to accommodate the pressing economic need for skills in animation and video game design.  Some aspiring designers are communications majors with special focus on digital media.  Others are programmers, perhaps with emphasis on animation.  Some are math majors who minor in game theory. 

Lincoln residents seeking degrees relevant to interactive game design can attend Nebraska Wesleyan University, Union College or University of Nebraska at Lincoln, among others.  Similar training and degree programs are also available online.  The largest schools featuring online degree programs in video game design include are DeVry, ITT Tech, The Art Institutes and University of Phoenix.

Working as a Video game Designer in Lincoln

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The rate of pay for video game design work varies with factors like experience, effort, talent, ability, performance, productivity, networking and geographic location.  The median yearly income for a video game designer employed in the U.S. is somewhere between $35,000 and more than $200,000.  However, these figures do not factor in the unreported incomes of many million self-employed Americans.  In any case, animators and video game designers in Lincoln, Nebraska often earn hefty paychecks doing work they enjoy. 

Lincoln, Nebraska businesses hiring animators and video game designers may include software companies, mobile phone service providers, colleges, graphic design firms and animation studios.  Some Lincoln designers work for top local ad agencies like Archrival, Berry, Mueller Graphics or Snitily-Carr.  Others join Lincoln-based movie producers like Arvideo Productions, Outpost-12 Studios or Right Eye Digital. 

Despite exceptions, employers scouting design talent often require a degree and related experience, even for basic entry level positions.  However, self-starters don't have to work for a firm, thanks to all the internet start-up companies featuring (or wishing to feature) their own interactive animation.  Video game designers often accept freelance work. 

Recommended Skills for Video Game Designers

Basically, a video game designer's job is to get an idea for a video game.  The designer creates rules and a scoring system, then programs the game with surprises like puzzles, tricks, booby traps, maps, obstacle courses and other unexpected challenges.  The game is usually programmed so the difficulty level increases with each successive challenge, and often involves a time limit.  The designer also creates the artwork (and/or hires professional animators) to capture the motion and visual style most appropriate to the game.  When the prototype is ready, the designer runs play-testing trials in an effort to get some measure of the game's potential for commercial success. 

No matter where they live, animators and video game designers study math, computer science, game art, digital media, communications, engineering, commercial trends and all kinds of other useful topics.  Their goal is the development of wildly popular, action-packed interactive products.  The video game designer aims for mass market appeal.