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Jacksonville Animation Careers - A Profile of the Art Scene, Top Employers, & Animation Schools/Programs

Written by Michelle BurtonJune 12, 2011
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Jacksonville Art Scene

Jacksonville’s underground art scene is a work in progress, but the city’s mainstream art scene is already on the map. Jacksonville is home to large art museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Jacksonville), Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art (JMoMA), and Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. The city is also home to dozens of smaller galleries located in the city’s creative center—downtown Jacksonville. Many of the city’s smaller galleries are open to experimental art and emerging artists, while the larger more established museums and galleries are an excellent source of inspiration for aspiring artists of all kinds, including animators.

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The animation scene in Jacksonville is not as large as other most other cities, but it’s successful in it’s own right. The city has the Citrus Cell Animation Film Festival, which features 2D and 3D animation projects, stop motion, gaming animation, shorts for kids, and animation music videos. You’ll find a number of art and animation programs throughout the city as well. These programs may be just what you’re looking for if you are interested in working in gaming, film and video production, or computer animation for advertising or design firms.

Jacksonville Animation Schools and Programs

Jacksonville is home to the Jacksonville University College of Fine Arts (JU), Department of Art of the University of North Florida, and Florida Community College at Jacksonville. Jacksonville University College of Fine Arts offers a Bachelor of Fine Art in computer art & design with a concentration in computer animation/interactive media.   University of Florida’s Department of Art offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media. This program prepares students for a career in animation.

Florida Community College at Jacksonville offers several programs that can prepare students for a career in animation. They are:

  • Digital Media/Multimedia Technology A.S. Degree
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Video Production Technical Certificate
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Production Technical Certificate
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Production (Motion Graphics/3-D) Technical Certificate

More Florida Schools with Animation related programs:  

Jacksonville Animation Employers

Jacksonville animators work in gaming, graphic and web design, film and video production, advertising, and many other fields. Just a few possible employer’s are: 

  • Stationfour
  • 4thdimensionstudios
  • Spectrum Films
  • Dripsblack

If you’re interested in breaking into advertising animation or other area of multi-media animation, try:

  • Design Factory, Inc.
  • Dalton Agency
  • Spark
  • On Ideas
  • Shepherd

Jacksonville animators also work in education and computer systems and design. The state of Florida is home to 207 colleges and more than 2,000 computer systems and design firms. Many are located in Jacksonville.

Animation Careers at a Glance

The animation industry is the fastest growing industry in the art world. Job growth is expected to average 14 percent between now and 2018. Animator salaries are on the rise too. In 2006, they averaged $51,350. By 2009, the average salary for animators jumped to $58,510. Independent contractors and animators that run their own studios may make even more. 

For more information about the animation industry in the U.S., visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics at