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Rochester Institute of Technology - Art and Design Programs Profile

Written by ACR StaffDecember 15, 2011
Rochester Institute of Technology
Did you know... Each year more than 25% of the student population of The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School (DAVE School) comes from outside the US to attend the school at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. There are currently students attending from Saudi Arabia, England, South Korea, Russia, Venezuela, and Dubai. DAVE School can provide assistance in securing student visas and student housing. Learn more at
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Degrees Offered: B. F. A. 3D Digital Graphics, Film and Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, New Media Design and Imaging; B. S. Game Design and Development, Media Arts and Technology, New Media Interactive Development; M. F. A. Computer Graphics Design, Film and Animation, Graphic Design; M. S. Game Design and Development

Tuition Information: Undergraduate $31,584, graduate $34,659 for the 2011 – 2012 school year.

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Contact Information:
One Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623

Scope of Program:
Students in Rochester Institute of Technology's B. F. A. program in 3D Digital Graphics concentrate on drawing motion, technical drawing, digital video, anatomical drawing, materials and motion, 3D modeling and production pipeline.  All students create a portfolio and thesis project.  Film and Animation students may concentrate on Production or Animation.  All students complete coursework in film production, story and structure, computer imaging, film language, single-frame motion and digital production.  Production students focus on production processes, scriptwriting and live action pre- and post-production, while Animation students concentrate on 2D computer animation, 3D modeling, 3D computer animation, drawing and animation pre-production.  All Film and Animation students complete a senior forum and create a senior project. Graphic Design students complete coursework in drawing, 2D and 3D design and art history, then continue with courses in typography, imagery in design, time-based design, information design and environmental design.  All students create a portfolio.  Illustration students focus on drawing, 2D and 3D design, art history, vector and raster imaging, digital illustration, dimensional illustration and portfolio preparation.  Students may choose to emphasize in Medical Illustration, Illustration or Fine Arts Studio.  New Media Design and Imaging students take courses in drawing, 2D design, graphic design for new media, information design, new media programming, graphic user interfaces, computer imaging and time-based imaging.  All students complete a team project.

B. S. candidates in Game Design and Development focus on game software development, website design, 2D animation and 3D modeling for interactive media, physics, C++ programming, data structures and algorithms and networking.  All students must complete three quarters of cooperative education.  Media Arts Technology students concentrate on new media perspectives, digital foundations, imaging for new media, typography, database publishing, print production workflow and digital asset management.  All students complete a team project and three quarters of cooperative learning.  New Media Interactive Development students complete coursework in interactive media, new media, graphic design, networking, data analysis, website development, graphic user interface and imaging for new media.  All students must complete three quarters of cooperative learning and a team project.

M. F. A. candidates in Computer Graphics Design complete coursework in digital video, interactive motion, 3D digital graphics modeling, authoring multimedia, rendering, special effects, character design and design research.  All students create a thesis.  Film and Animation students may concentrate on 2D or 3D Animation.  2D Animation students focus on business of animation, drawing for animation, 2D computer animation and gesture drawing, while 3D Animation students concentrate on 3D computer animation, particle effects, 3D lighting and advanced modeling for animation.  All students create a thesis project.  Graphic Design students complete coursework in design theory and methods, systems design, image forms, design history, design issues and typographical design.  All students create a thesis exhibition. 

M. S. candidates in Game Design may emphasize in either Game Engine Development or Artificial Intelligence and Simulation.  The Game Design program is cohort-based and team-oriented.  Artificial Intelligence and Simulation students focus on evolutionary computing, artificial intelligence for interactive environments, neural networks and machine learning and genetic algorithms.  Game Engine Development students concentrate on 2D and 3D graphics programming, computer animation, game engine design and development and computer graphics.  All students complete a capstone experience consisting of a team project and oral defense.

Applicants to the B. F. A. and M. F. A. programs must submit a portfolio.  Applicants to the M. S. in Game Design program must submit a portfolio of related projects and have one year of experience in C++, Java or similar programming languages.  Applicants to the M. F. A. in Computer Graphics Design must be proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator.  Merit and need-based scholarships are available, as are graduate assistantships.  Illustration students are strongly encouraged to purchase a Freshman Kit, which costs approximately $400.