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Tips on Becoming an Animator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Written by ACR StaffMarch 18, 2012
How to become an animator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has well over 60,000 commercial businesses and many thousand resident artists.  The popularity of interactive gaming combined with recent advances in digital technology have multiplied the economic demand for local animators.  In fact, animation is currently the fastest-growing profession in the field of visual arts.

Oklahoma City Schools and Training Programs for Animation

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Several Oklahoma City colleges and Universities offer courses related to animated film design.  Oklahoma City animators enrolled at local art colleges study illustration, computer-generated art and mass media, among other things.  Oklahoma City colleges offering animation degree programs include Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma Technology Institute, Metro Technology Center, Vatterott College and University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Some aspiring Oklahoma animators choose virtual study programs.  Accredited online schools featuring animation classes include Stratford Career Institute, Post University, Full Sail University, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes and ITT Tech.  Some online animation schools also feature neighborhood locations for your educational convenience.  University of Phoenix and ITT Tech both have facilities in Oklahoma City.

Working as an Animator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Animation art has numerous applications such as cartoons, video games, mobile apps, medical technology, engineering studies, educational media and splicing into live-action films, to name a few.  Some local animators work for Oklahoma City animation studios or movie producers who feature their own animation.  Successful Oklahoma City film makers include Benefield Productions, Doohickey Productions, Red Buffalo Images, Voodoo Eye and This-Is-Your-Life.  Some Oklahoma City animators work for animation-oriented info tech firms like Atlinkwifi, C-Teq, Star Geophysics, United American Technology and Wavelinx. 

According to data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for an animator in Oklahoma City is about $50,000.  This works out to a mean hourly wage of roughly $25.00.  Animators employed in metro areas like Oklahoma City tend to earn higher incomes than similarly employed artists in other parts of the state.  These figures do not account for the incomes of freelance professionals, part time animators or Oklahoma City artists employed by foreign businesses.

Skills of a Professional Animator

It takes well-developed talent to create successful animated motion pictures.  Professional animators are highly trained illustrators of the storytelling kind.  They also create compelling, innovative computer-generated artwork, and demonstrate proficiency in all relevant software applications.  Most professional animation artists are also exceptionally skilled at photography, page layout, sculptural technique, lighting and set design, as well as web page design, film editing, interactive media and programming languages.  Aside from skills and talent, potential employers appreciate highly motivated, proactive self-starters with superb organizational skills and positive attitudes.