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Tips on Becoming a Multimedia Editor in Des Moines, Iowa

Written by Judee ShipmanMarch 29, 2012
Des Moines, Iowa
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The city of Des Moines, Iowa supports more than 25,000 commercial businesses, among them many hundred multimedia producers and media broadcasting stations.  Lately, more and more visual artists in Des Moines are landing lucrative positions as audio-visual editors.

Des Moines Schools and Training Programs for Multimedia Editing

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Several well-regarded colleges and Universities in Des Moines, Iowa feature classes and professional programs in multimedia arts.  Des Moines film schools include Drake University, Grand View College and Vetterott College.  Aspiring multimedia editors earning degrees at Des Moines film colleges study film photography and other visual arts, as well as computer science and digital design.

Some Des Moines artists prefer the virtual educational approach, earning degrees and acquiring technical skills online.  Successful accredited virtual film schools include the Academy of Art University, Post University, Full Sail University, Stratford Career Institute, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes, DeVry and ITT Tech.  Some of these virtual art colleges also feature local campuses.  University of Phoenix has a campuses in Des Moines.

Working as a Multimedia Editor in Des Moines, Iowa

Many media-friendly businesses and private entities in Des Moines, Iowa hire local professional audio-visual editors.  Local multimedia artists are often found working for Des Moines-based TV stations like ABC-5, Business-Television, KCCI-TV-8, Local-TV-Iowa and Meredith-Broadcasting, to name a few.  Des Moines sound editors are sometimes employed by local radio stations like Des-Moines-Radio-Group, Iowa-News-Sales, Latin-Broadcasting, Radio-Iowa and Star, among others. 

Based on recent data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a professional multimedia editor employed full time in the city of Des Moines, Iowa is about $70,610, with a reported mean hourly wage of around $35.00.  This figure, however, does not reflect the unreported incomes of local freelance professionals.

Skills of a Professional Multimedia Editor

Audio-visual editing design calls for a number of well-trained technical skills.  Professional media editors most often use digital editing software and must be familiar with all related applications.  Among the most frequently used multimedia editing software packages are Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier, After Effects, Final Cut and Unreal Editor.  Multimedia editors are also skilled at traditional, cut-and-tape editing techniques, as well as all related machines and equipment.  Website design and interactive programming ability are much appreciated, while Mac and PC skills are typically required.  Personality traits conducive to multimedia editing careers are concentration, comprehension, cooperation, self-motivation and unfailing focus on the finest details.