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Tips on Becoming a Video Game Designer in Delaware

Written by ACR StaffFebruary 6, 2012
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Millions upon millions of today's eager job hunters seek exciting careers in Animation and Video Game Design.  Thanks to the Internet, aspiring designers everywhere enjoy easy access to jobs in this field.  Still, local Video Game Designers can find job opportunities throughout the state, and Delaware is conveniently situated within commuting distance of major cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington DC. 

Delaware Schools and Training Programs for Video Game Design

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Aspiring animators and video game designers could study Communications with special focus on Digital Media.  Or they can learn Programming with emphasis on Animation.  Some major in Math with a minor in Game Theory.  Many ways exist to learn the skills required for employment in the video game design industry.

Accessible colleges with degree programs related to video game design include University of Phoenix in Wilmington, Rutgers in Camden, New Jersey and the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Washington DC.  Other professional training and degree programs are available online.  

Working as a Video Game Designer in Delaware

Dedicated Animators and Video Game Designers can sometimes earn big money doing what they like.  But there's more to Video Game Design than video games.  Employers invest time, effort and money into selecting design professionals from an ever-increasing pool of qualified applicants.  A degree and some related field experience is often required, even for basic entry level positions.  There are, of course, exceptions to the rule.  Employers occasionally hire independent, self-taught designers and gifted, highly motivated beginners. 

Generally, the pay scale for Animators and Video Game Designers varies depending on the experience, effort, talent, ability, performance, productivity, networking and geographic location of the designer, among other factors.  One 2010 statistic claims that the income for a Video Game Designer living in the United States ranged from about $35,000 to well over $200,000 per year.  But the study failed to factor in the unknown salaries of many million self-employed residents. 

Businesses in and around Delaware hiring Video Game Designers include software publishers, mobile phone service providers, colleges, universities, graphic design firms and animation studios.  Some designers work for local ad agencies like Reese, Tomases & Ellick, Aloysius Butler and Target Markets.  Others work for regional motion picture producers like Atlantic Horizons in Rehoboth Beach.  Washington DC movie producers include Story House, People Tech and Corporation Public Broadcasting. 

Aggressive self-starters do not necessarily have to work for a firm, thanks all the websites and start-up companies featuring (or wanting to feature) their own interactive animation.  Video Game Designers often work as freelance professionals, setting their own schedules and telecommuting to work.  Some contract with corporations and private companies.  Some invent and sell their own games.  Some build game-related websites. 

Recommended Skills for Video Game Designers

The primary role of a Video Game Designer is conceiving a game idea, then creating rules, devising a scoring system and enhancing the game with sounds, special effects and unique challenges.  These might include puzzles, mazes, traps, detours, obstacle courses and other surprising twists.  Most video games are programmed with a set time limit and ever-increasing difficulty levels.  Also programmed in are the speed and motion of the game's characters.  The designer then creates the artwork (and/or consults with professional Animators) to capture the colors and visual style most suitable for the game.  When the design is complete, a Mechanical Engineer manufactures a prototype.  This enables the designer to play-test the game and get some idea of its potential for commercial success. 

Animators and Video Game Designers study Math, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Digital Graphics, Communications, Business, Marketing, Game Theory, Character Development and other relevant topics.  The goal is to create realistic, fun-filled, action-packed best-sellers.  Video Game Designers aim for mass market appeal.