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What You Need to Know to Be an Animator in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Written by ACR StaffMarch 18, 2012
How to become an animator in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma maintains a steady commercial economy that supports as many as 50,000 local business associations and a great many visual artists in search of careers.  With animation being the world's fastest-growing visual arts profession, the economic terrain is ripe for Tulsa artists seeking employment as professional animators.

Tulsa Schools and Training Programs for Animation

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Quite a few colleges, Universities and art schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma offer courses related to video animation.  Aspiring animators enrolled at local art colleges might major in photography, fine arts or communications design, for example.  Trailblazing Tulsa colleges offering animated film instruction include Tulsa Community College, Tulsa Technology Center, Oral Roberts University and Vatterott College.

Some Tulsa artists prefer to acquire skills and degrees in virtual classroom environments.  Popular accredited online animation colleges include Stratford Career Institute, Stratford Career Institute, Full Sail University, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes and ITT Tech, to name a just few.  Numerous online animation schools also feature local campuses.  University of Phoenix and ITT Tech have training centers in Tulsa.

Working as an Animator in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa animators are hired to produce cartoons, interactive games, mobile apps, website banner ads, medical animation, courtroom evidence, training videos and educational media products, among many other things.  Some local artists work for Tulsa animation studios.  Others team up with top Tulsa movie producers who feature their own animation.  Leading Tulsa film makers include Arielle Studios, Avcom Productions, Novtek Media, Tes Productions and VCI Entertainment.  Some Tulsa animators work for graphics-based IT corporations.  Successful Tulsa info tech firms include ACS Image Solutions, Brickwire, First Data, Tele-Data and Vexis Systems. 

Based on reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a full time animator living in Tulsa, Oklahoma is about $50,000.  This works out to roughly $25.00 an hour.  However, this data does not reflect the unreported incomes of freelance professionals, part time animators or Tulsa artists employed by foreign businesses.

Skills of a Professional Animator

Entire teams of skilled visual artists are needed for the production of successful animated films.  Professional animation requires advanced drawing technique combined with excellent communication skills and superb storytelling expertise.  The illustrator must quickly render recognizable images and compelling story lines based on verbal descriptions of abstract concepts.  Animators must also be entirely proficient with different computer operating systems and animation-related software.  Most animators also possess web page building skills and fluency in HTML or other programming languages.  Key animators are handy with all production-related techniques such as lighting, camera angles, layout, prototyping, editing and set design.