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What You Need to Know to Be a Graphic Designer in Toledo, Ohio

Written by ACR StaffFebruary 22, 2012
Graphic Designer in Toledo, Ohio
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The city of Toledo, Ohio, with a population exceeding 287,000 and as many as 25,000 commercial companies, is home to hundreds of professional graphic designers.  Thousands of companies throughout Ohio employ communications design experts for numerous reasons.

Toledo Schools and Training Programs for Graphic Design

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Dozens of colleges and Universities in Ohio offer degree programs in graphic design.  Popular Toledo design schools include Davis College, Stautzenberger College and University of Toledo.  Additionally, many aspiring Toledo-based graphic artists earn their degrees online.  Among the largest design colleges with online degree programs are The Art Institutes, ITT Tech, University of Phoenix and DeVry.

Graphic artists at design schools in Toledo, Ohio typically major in Communications Design.  A typical graphic design degree program at a design college in Toledo would probably involve course work in computer science, mass communications, marketing and psychology, as well as drawing, photography, digital graphics, traditional visual media, animation, typography and related subjects.

Working as a Graphic Designer in Toledo, Ohio

Some Ohio graphic designers work for leading local advertising agencies.  Top Toledo ad firms include Doreen Robideaux, Jeorgia Management and WRK Advertising.  Other local artists design film credits, movie posters, illustrations and promotional work for highly regarded Toledo motion picture producers like 7-Omm Digital, Showcase Video Productions and Audio Branding, for instance.

Communications designers in Toledo, Ohio are often hired by art galleries, museums, colleges, animation studios, real estate offices, news syndicates and many other commercial businesses.  Local graphic design jobs include high tech illustrations, medical charts, video game characters, visual educational products, company and brand logos, instruction manuals, product packaging and street signs, among many others. 

Businesses in America today support at least 280,000 graphic designers.  Salaries for communications design professionals in Toledo, Ohio depend partly on education, experience, skills and availability, but somewhat on geographic location.  The mean annual income for an Ohio graphic designer is around $42,950, with an average hourly rate of approximately $20.75.  Roughly half of all professional U.S. graphic designers earn between $30,000 and $60,000 a year, although this figure does not account for the unreported salaries of self employed individuals.  Ohio ranks somewhere in the middle among states in terms of average annual income for graphic artists.  As a rule of thumb, designers in large cities like Toledo can often earn more than designers similarly employed in more remote regions of the state.

Skills of a Graphic Designer

Qualifications for professional graphic design work include drawing, photography and advanced verbal and written communication skills, as well as familiarity with graphic design software applications.  Equally essential is a solid understanding of typography.  Experience in web design also helps.  Desirable personality traits of a professional graphic designer include an unbreakable attention span, limitless patience, ability to perform under pressure and extreme attention to detail.