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What You Need to Know to Be a Mobile App Developer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Written by Judee ShipmanJune 7, 2012
How to become a mobile app developer in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is loaded with businesses in search of experienced mobile app developers.  Mobile apps can be downloaded for casino games, message retrieval, ring tone programming, navigational devices and limitless other imaginative functions.  There's even an app that measures battery power.  High tech professionals throughout Tulsa are lately landing lucrative gigs in the field of mobile applications.

Tulsa Schools and Training Programs for App Developers

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Aspiring app professionals residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma often study related topics at accredited local colleges.  Top Tulsa colleges of computer science and communications include American Broadcasting School, National American University, Virginia College and Vatterott College. 

At the same rate, other local app experts opt for virtual learning systems.  Popular accredited online colleges with courses related to app development include Ashworth College, Everest University, National American University, American Sentinel University and ITT Tech, to name only a few of the many. 

Working as a Mobile App Developer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Commercial businesses in Tulsa seeking mobile app design specialists include real estate agents, engineering firms, promotional advertisers, media broadcasting stations and numerous others.  Some local app developers work for computer programming services like Millennium Entertainment Technologies, Premiere Consulting, Saint Police Systems, Crate Computers and Computer Missions, for instance.  Other Tulsa techies develop apps for local prepackaged software firms like Burns Technologies, Docucentric, Executime Software, Shi Corporation or Walletware. 

According to employment data recently compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 770 full time app developers work at corporations in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They claim an individual mean hourly earning of roughly $34.75 and an average annual salary of about $72,230.  Independent freelance app developers who publish original mobile apps in online app stores can earn high incomes if they cut costs by doing most of the work themselves.  What's more, self-published mobile app professionals earn higher starting salaries, on average, that techies who have not yet designed and published an app independently.

Skills of a Professional App Developer

The best professional app developers are familiar with mobile application development from all popular mobile platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.  Technical skills involved in building an app can include programming, website construction, graphic design and animation.  App developers are also competent writers, researchers, interviewers, social networkers and all-around project management professionals.  Preferred personal traits include supreme organization, impeccable attention to detail and extraordinary mental flexibility.