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What You Need to Know to Be a Multimedia Editor in Tucson, Arizona

Written by Judee ShipmanMarch 27, 2012
Tucson, Arizona
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Numerous visual artists in Tucson, Arizona are employed as professional multimedia editors.  Audio-visual editing is needed for practically every film, music and broadcast production.  Multimedia editors remain in increasingly high demand in cities like Tucson, whose 300  multimedia companies have much to offer artists pursuing careers in this field.

Tucson Schools and Training Programs for Multimedia Editing

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Universities, colleges and training centers in Tucson, Arizona provide a full range of technical training courses in multimedia design, including editing techniques.  Aspiring editors attending Tucson art colleges typically major in film photography or mass media.  Tantalizing Tucson film schools include Tucson Design College, Pima Community College, Chaparral College and University of Arizona at Tucson.

These days, teams of Tucson artists are enrolling at accredited online film schools like Full Sail University, Stratford Career Institute, University of Phoenix, The Art Institutes, ITT Tech, DeVry and many others.  Some online art colleges also provide convenient local campuses.  University of Phoenix, ITT Tech and The Art Institute all have campuses in Tucson. 

Working as a Multimedia Editor in Tucson, Arizona

Numerous Tucson, Arizona businesses need audio-visual editing professionals.  Among them are film schools, motion picture producers, animation studios, website developers, interactive game designers and countless more.  Some multimedia editors in Tucson work for local TV stations like KGUN, KOLD, KTTU, KVOA and UPN, to name a few.  Tucson sound editors are often employed by local radio stations like Bob-fm, KHYT-Rock, KNST, KOHT and KWFM, for example.

A professional multimedia editor employed full time in the city of Tucson, Arizona can reasonably expect to earn about $55,000 per year, although this is a very rough estimate.  Also, this figure does not reflect the unreported incomes of part time audio-visual editors, freelance professionals and Tucson multimedia artists employed by businesses outside the U.S.  

Skills of a Professional Multimedia Editor

Professional multimedia editing requires excellent comprehension skills, as editors are most often required to follow the specific instructions of an employer.  The employer could be anyone from a high pressure movie executive to a crazed bride micromanaging the production of her wedding video.  In any case, audio-visual editors are patient, persistent, commissioned professionals able to consistently follow directions down to the last punctuation mark.  Technically, editors must be familiar with traditional editing methods and techniques like cutting, taping and reeling.  Multimedia editors are also of course familiar with all related editing design software applications.