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What You Need to Know to Be a Video Game Designer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Written by ACR StaffFebruary 13, 2012
Video Game Designer in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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An increasing number of high-tech professionals in Tulsa, Oklahoma are finding high-paying jobs in animation and video game design.  With a resident population of nearly 400,000, Tulsa is an ideal place to look for these jobs.  Thousands of Oklahoma businesses hire video game design professionals.  Many available jobs in this field are in Tulsa.

Tulsa Schools and Training Programs for Video Game Design

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Some aspiring designers are communications majors with special focus on digital graphics.  Some study programming with emphasis on animation.  Others might major in math, perhaps with a minor in game theory.  Colleges in Tulsa offer various degree programs for video game specialists. 

Tulsa schools with degree programs relevant to interactive game design include Oral Roberts University and University of Phoenix.  Similar training opportunities and degree programs are also available online.  The largest schools with online degree programs in animation and video game design are University of Phoenix, ITT Tech and DeVry.

Working as a Video Game Designer in Tulsa

The income of a video game design expert will vary with factors like experience, effort, talent, ability, performance, productivity, networking and geographic location.  According to one statistic, the average annual salary for an animator or video game designer in the United States ranges from about $35,000 to more than $200,000 per year.  However, this estimate ignores the unreported incomes of self-employed individuals.  In any case, serious professional animators and video game designers often earn top pay doing jobs they like. 

Businesses in Tulsa hiring animators and video game designers may include software publishers, mobile phone service providers, colleges, universities, graphic design firms and animation studios.  Some designers work for top Tulsa advertising agencies like Athletic World, Littlefield or Cubic.  Others work for top local movie producers like VCI Entertainment, Tes Productions, Impact or Steele House Productions. 

Talented self-starters do not always work for a firm, thanks to many million well funded start-ups with websites featuring (or wanting to feature) their own interactive animation.  Video game designers often work as freelancers, setting their own pace and telecommuting.  Some are independent contractors for corporations and private businesses.  Some design and sell games independently.  Others build game-related websites.

Recommended Skills for Video Game Designers

The role of a video game designer is to think of a good idea for a video game.  The designer then devises rules, creates a scoring system and enhances the game with plot twists, sneaky tricks, booby traps, obstacle courses and other unexpected challenges.  The game is usually programmed so the difficulty level increases with each successive challenge.  A time limit is often involved.  The designer also creates the artwork (and/or consults with professional animators) to capture the motion and visual style most appropriate to the game.  The designer uses prototypes to conduct play-testing groups, which may help determine the game's potential for commercial success. 

Video game designers study subjects such as math, computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering, fine arts, digital graphics, communications, game theory, story lines, character development, commercial trends and many other topics.  Their efforts are aimed at developing realistic, action-packed interactive products.  The dream every video game designer is mass market appeal.