Profiles of Schools/Colleges in Connecticut (CT) Offering Animation, Design, Gaming, and Media Related Programs


We define the East Coast as Virginia, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

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We started publishing regional and national lists in 2012 in response to myriad emails from aspiring animators and game designers asking us what the best schools were in the US, a given State, or in a particular area of the country.

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North America

Animation is an exciting, dynamic and growing field—and good thing, because there are plenty of aspiring animators anxiously waiting in the wings to become the next Chuck Jones. But where exactly are all these animators going to be absorbed into the industry? 

Well, animation jobs tend to gravitate towards artistically focused epicenter cities that cater to entertainment sectors—like film and gaming—so living and learning in Bummsville, USA (population: 37) likely won't cut it if you want to be a successful animator.

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List of Connecticut schools with graphic design degree programs

Below is a list of Connecticut schools that offer graphic design programs:

Hartford Art School, West Hartford
Programs available: B. F. A. Illustration, Media Arts, Visual Communication; M. F. A. Illustration

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Northeastern U.S. Region

More and more students flock to animation degree and certification programs in hopes of landing their dream job. While entertainment remains high on the list, a slew of industries require the insight and skillset of animators with many more applications on the horizon.  That’s why it’s imperative to find the right animation program for your career goals, whether they be in arts and entertainment or research and development.

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How to become a mobile app developer in Hartford, Connecticut

Many mobile app developers in the city of Hartford, Connecticut find steady local employment in Hartford's flourishing commercial economy.  Apps are downloaded by the millions each day to look up phone numbers, see if a bus is on time, count calories, play idle games and order pizza, among countless other purposeful  (and useless) interactive tasks.  Mobile app development is one hot topic among today's career-seeking high tech professionals.

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How to become a mobile app developer in Connecticut

Mobile apps are downloaded by the millions to determine the value of motor vehicles, find local show times, calculate mileage, watch movie trailers, get sports results and perform an endless variety of other digital tasks.  Businesses all over the state of Connecticut currently issue an increasing economic demand for professional app developers.  This is good news for local career-seeking high tech professionals.

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How to become an illustrator in Hartford, Connecticut

The city of Hartford, Connecticut is buzzing with talented local visual artists pursuing careers in the field of illustration.  Illustration is among the most specialized occupations in the field of visual arts.  Hartford illustration professionals create cartoon characters, text-based images, anatomy charts, technical diagrams, maps, instructional materials and more.  Businesses in Hartford hold hundreds of opportunities in this field.

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How to become an illustrator in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut offers many lucrative opportunities for illustrators pursuing visual arts careers.  Even in today's digital economy, the demand for illustration artists is stronger than ever.  Connecticut fine artists continue to find work in this creative, highly specialized occupational field.

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 Hartford, Connecticut

The city of Hartford, Connecticut has no less than five dozen multimedia production companies and many local artists pursuing careers in multimedia design.  Audio-visual editing is the most available occupation in the field of visual arts, and Hartford is hopping with opportunities for artists pursuing careers in this creative, high tech field.

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