Profiles of Schools/Colleges in Iowa (IA) Offering Animation, Design, Gaming, and Media Related Programs

How to become an animator in Iowa

Animation is among the most coveted professions in today's high tech economy, with ever increasing opportunities in the field due to recent technological advances.  The state of Iowa is filled with schools and businesses that work directly with local animation artists.

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Best Graphic Design Programs in Iowa

The graphic design industry has experienced some dramatic changes over the years. While creativity is still one of the top requirements for entry into this field, other skills such as animation and web design are quickly climbing their way to the top of the list. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that “jobseekers in this field are expected to face keen competition,” so “graphic designers with both web design and animation experience will have the best opportunities.” In addition, employment in the graphic design field is expected to increase by 13 percent between now and 2018, so opportunities will be plentiful.

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Graphic Designer in Des Moines, Iowa

With as many as 25,000 commercial businesses and a population well over 200,000, the city of Des Moines, Iowa is an ideal home town for thousands of local artists pursuing employment in Communications Design.  Many Des Moines companies employ graphic design professionals for all kinds of commercial tasks.  In fact, the state of Iowa ranked sixth overall on CNBC's list of "Top States for Business in 2010.”

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Video Game Designer in De Moines, Iowa

For job hunters in Des Moines, Iowa, careers in animation and video game design are among the most popular choices.  With a population of more than 200,000, the city of Des Moines is ideal for people seeking these creative, high tech positions.  Many thousand Iowa companies hire video game design professionals.  Most of these jobs are in Des Moines. 

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Top Animation Programs in Iowa February 13, 2012

Top Animation Programs in Iowa - Animation Career Review

What makes an animation school program “a top” program depends on a variety of factors. While many organizations such as U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, and Princeton Review assess program offerings, faculty resources, graduation and retention rates, financial resources, and student selectivity to separate the best from the rest, other smaller groups may consider issues such as cost and convenience first. Other factors used to determine which schools are “top” schools may include types of clubs and organizations, recreation, student population, job placement services, and even Greek life. If you haven’t already guessed, students, alums, bloggers, and other similar groups create many “top school” lists.

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Best Animation Programs in Iowa

What makes an animation school program “the best” depends on a variety of factors. Some college ranking websites may consider cost and convenience first, but many of the most reputable agencies will consider factors that could affect the quality of the school or program. Some common factors include program offerings, faculty resources, graduation and retention rates, financial resources, student selectivity, and peer assessment.

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Video Game Designer in Iowa

Animation and Video Game Design are among the most coveted professions in today's high-tech world.  The qualifications needed appeal as much to mathletes and competitive techno-gamers as to fine artists who can finally make a living at their craft.  Iowa businesses everywhere hire Animators and Video Game Designers.  Most Iowa Game Design jobs are centered around Des Moines, but similar employment opportunities exist throughout the state.

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Iowa Animation Schools November 28, 2011


Iowa’s handful of production companies, ad agencies, and 800+ technology firms keep Iowa animators fairly busy. This means, the state is definitely worth a look if you want to get your start in animation off the beaten path.  Not only this, but if you have that special entrepreneurial spirit, Iowa just might be the best place to start your own animation company. Nine of the state’s largest communities ranked high in Forbes Best Places for Business. Not only this, but Iowa is the 2nd most livable state in the U.S. and the cost for doing business her e is the lowest in the nation. Of course, these advantages attract other businesses too—including production studios!

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Degrees Offered:  B. A., B. F. A. Graphic Design

Tuition Information: Undergraduate $28,250 for the 2011 – 2012 school year

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