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Paul Kakert

Tangible Advice from the Pros for Future Animators

The point of creating our Interview Series was to provide tangible, actionable advice for aspiring animators—from people with real-world experience. And the series provided just that: advice from experts in the industry—men and women with decades of anecdotal advice.

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The animation business is just that, a business. Despite being 'animators' by trade, animation executives, studio owners and successful freelancers run into the same business-side snags time and time again.

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Animation Industry Jobs Forecast

The animation industry is in a constant state of flux. Job roles change almost as quickly as the technology and the industry as a whole is forced to respond to the increasingly high-quality work coming from overseas studios. At the same time the advent of the internet, smart devices, new media and more are demanding animation on grander scales, compensating for overseas outsourcing.

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