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Fine Arts with Emphasis in 3D Graphics and Animation

What Does Fine Arts with Emphasis in 3D Graphics and Animation Mean?

Fine Arts is a broad field that covers drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, illustration, multimedia art, photography, crafts, and more. In simple terms, fine art is concerned primarily with the creation of beautiful objects for pleasure rather than utility. 3D Graphics is the creation, display and manipulation of objects on the computer in three dimensions ( Animation is the process of simulating movement by displaying a series of frames or pictures. Common types of animation include traditional animation, stop motion (clay animation, puppet animation), and computer animation (2D, 3D).

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Film & Animation

What Does Film & Animation Mean?

Film & animation is the art of filmmaking and animation. The discipline involves creating film through traditional or digital means and animation using the latest computer animation technology. Some of the most popular examples of film & animation techniques can be seen in animated features such as Ice Age, Cars, Shrek 2, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and The Incredibles.

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