What is it? 

Launched in the summer of 2012, the Animation Career Review College Outreach Program is a guest columnist program whereby schools/colleges offering animation, design, gaming, and related programs author articles for publication on Animation Career Review. Each article will focus on a different aspect of that school's programs or fields of research.  


The goals for this program are twofold: 

  1. To give aspiring animation/design/gaming professionals a better understanding of what a given school offers students, how its programs are structured, and why the school "does what it does". 
  2. To give schools the opportunity to promote their programs in detail and to do so in their own, unfiltered words. 

How it works:

A school contributes a single quarterly article. Each article will be focused on a different aspect of the school's program and how it is meeting the needs of aspiring animation/design professionals. Topics are chosen by the school. The only thing we ask is that each school follow our publishing guidelines (see below).

Benefits of Participating:

  • Provides a school with the opportunity to promote itself in its own words via a quarterly, credited article contribution to AnimationCareerReview.com. 
  • Reach your target audience: AnimationCareerReview's traffic consists almost entirely of aspiring animation, design, and gaming professionals. These are the very people who are deciding on where they want to go to school and what training they most desire. 
  • Depth of content: Because it is a recurring quarterly article series, a school can dig deep to reach potential students with in-depth articles focusing on the most important aspects of the school's program. 
  • Authorship: Each article comes with a profile page and tag line so that it's clear who authered the article. 
  • An external communication channel: The college outreach program gives schools an additional channel outside their own web site which schools can use to communicate to potential students and promote their program offerings.  
  • There are no fees for participating. 

Publishing Guidelines: 

  • Articles must be at least 400 words in length. There is no maximum length. Videos and images may be included. 
  • Articles must be original and may not be published elsewhere, online or in print. 
  • Articles may not be overtly advertorial in nature. Please do not submit "pieced together" marketing materials or rehashed brochures. We reserve the right to reject any submission. 
  • Articles may be credited to specific people at your school, to "YOUR SCHOOL Staff", or either.
  • Topics are chosen by you. We are happy to give feedback if you want, but only if you ask.
  • Articles will be published verbatim. We are not going to edit them beyond general spellcheck and grammar.
  • Once published, articles become the sole property of Animation Career Review. We are happy to grant republishing permission as long as the article is not published online in its entirety (The Google gods tend to frown on duplicate content).
  • Schools are permitted and encouraged to use the articles for their own PR purposes at their discretion, as long as the articles aren't republished online in full. 
  • We ask that each school commit to at least one article per quarter. Less than that and we tend to forget that you are participating! You are welcome to exceed one per quarter if you have multiple ideas you want to promote. Just let us know. 

Next Steps: 

If you are interested in participating or have questions, email us here

Article examples: 

  • You have student portfolio work you want to show off: Write an article about it. (Or have your students write about it!)
  • You have a formidable motion graphics program: Write an article detailing the depth and breadth of your program, why it's solid, what types of students are the best fit for it, and what students can expect of it. 
  • You are launching a new program: Write an article detailing what the program is about, why you are launching it, and what type of students you are hoping it will serve.
  • You have a great career placement program: Write an article detailing what makes your career placement program so strong and why employers and students value it. 
  • You have faculty members with specific expertise: Have that faculty member write an article about their expertise in the field. College is as much about the interaction with the faculty members as it is the coursework involved. Show prospective students who your faculty members are and what they have to offer.
  • You have all the latest technology and software: Write an article about the technology you use and why.     

About Animation Career Review:

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