81. Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas
Sam Houston State University (SHSU) was founded in 1879. It is home to 19,214 students from across the U.S. and 60 countries. The school, which sits on a 316-acre campus, offers more than 80 undergraduate degree programs, 50+ master’s programs, 6 doctoral programs, and 20+ online degree programs. A Best Western College by The Princeton Review, SHSU offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Computer Animation through the school’s Department of Art.

Students in the Animation program will study Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, History of Animation, Photography, Video/Performance Art, Web Design, and Computer Programming. Many of these courses are taught during a mandatory semester in the Workshop in Art Studio and History Program, also known as “W.A.S.H.” Besides Animation, the Computer Animation program prepares students for a career in Advertising, Educational Media, Film, Fine Art, Game Production, and Video Production.

Animation students may also be interested in several SHSU programs that could enhance their education and career opportunities. They include a BA/BFA in Studio Art, a BA/BFA in Art, a BA in Mass Communication with an Emphasis in Film Production, and a MA in Digital Media.

82. Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia
Established in 1883, Virginia State University (VSU) is a Land-grant University located just 20 minutes from Richmond. The school sits on a 416-acre campus and it home to 5,300 students enrolled in 60 programs across 5 colleges. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is home to the Department of Art & Design—home of VSU’s animation program.

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The Department offers a BFA in Animation and a Minor in Animation. Students may also be interested in the Departments BFA or Minor in Studio Arts to enhance their education and career opportunities.

83. Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
Established in 1897, Bradley University is a private university of 5,700 graduate and undergraduate students. The school sits on an 84-acre campus just one mile from downtown Peoria and it is “one of only a small percentage of institutions offering Internet2 access, which provides learning opportunities in collaboration with students and faculty at other institutions,” according to the University. Accredited by 22 national accrediting agencies, Bradley University offers more than 100 undergraduate programs and 30 graduate programs across 5 colleges and a graduate school.

Bradley University’s Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts (Theater Program) is the former home of Jed Schlanger—a member of the DreamWorks animation production team that created the Oscar nominated Animated Feature Film “The Croods.” The College is also home to a top-tier animation program. The Interactive Media Program offers Concentrations in Animation and Visual Effects (4-year Program) and an Interactive Media Minor. The 4-year program leads to a BA or BS degree.

84. Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont
Founded in 1878, Champlain College is a private college of more than 2,700 students. This Top "Up-and-Comer" College in U.S. News & World Report's "2014 Best Colleges" sits on a 22-acre campus overlooking Lake Champlain and it offers more than 30 undergraduate degrees and 20 online graduate certificate, and continuing undergraduate degrees.

Programs for aspiring animators include a BS in Game Art & Animation and a BFA in Creative Media with Options in Interaction Design, Moving Image (Film & Video), Visual Art & Design, and Sonic Arts. In addition to state-of-the art production studios and other facilities, all art and design students have access to the schools Global Partners Program which features Study Abroad sites in Shanghai, China; Ifrane, Morocco; Auckland, New Zealand; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

85. Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Drexel University is one of the nation’s top 15 largest private universities. Founded in 1891, the school is home to around 21,912 students from 50 states and 100 foreign countries, and it has 9 campuses, including one in Sacramento, California. The main campus (University City Campus) is roughly 74-acres and its located just minutes from Downtown Philadelphia (Center City). Drexel University offers more than 200 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs across more than dozen colleges and schools.

The Westphal College of Media Arts & Design is home to several popular programs for aspiring animators. The College offers a BS in Animation and Visual Effects, a BS in Film and Video, and a BS in Screenwriting. All art students have the opportunity to participate in Drexel’s internship program, which offers both local and nationwide opportunities, as well as the Study Abroad program which may take you to Asia, Europe, or Latin America.

86. Animation Mentor, Emeryville, California
Animation Mentor was founded in 2005 by three working animators from Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic.  This Online School of Animation and VFX is not your typical animation school. It focuses on training talented animators for employment in the field through an intensive 18-month online program in which students are taught by “mentors.” These mentors are experienced animators who are professionals working in the animation industry.

Animation Mentor explains their approach this way, “Our animation courses teach you the same workflows that studios follow,” beginning with 4 fundamental classes and continuing with the Character Animation Production Track. Students acquire “real” studio production experience during the course of the program. Animation Mentor also offers a VFX program 

Animation Mentor graduates have worked on numerous box office hits such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Bee Movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Kung Fu Panda, and Transformers.

87. Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
Established in 1971, Evergreen State College is a fully accredited baccalaureate and graduate degree granting college of around 4,398 students. This unique college has no formal majors, but it offers 60+ fields of study to explore. The campus, which sits on roughly 1,000 acres in Olympia Washington, is just 30 miles from Tacoma, home of Evergreen’s 2nd campus, 60 miles from Seattle, and 70 Miles from Redmond. The school’s convenient location places it near dozens of promising start-ups and established studios from ArenaNet and Nintendo of America to Time Warner and Pixar.

Evergreen State College offers Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), and Bachelor of Arts & Science (BAS) Degrees. Animation students may choose the Visual Art and Media Emphasis which leads to a BA. Students can choose to focus on Animation, Film, Video, Drawing, Writing, or all of the above. Besides flexibility, students have access to Evergreen Animation Labs which consists of 2D and 3D labs, the Oxberry Animation Stand, and more.

Evergreen State College offers Study Abroad opportunities in places such as Fiji and Russia, and internship opportunities at both local and nationwide companies. In both cases, students play an instrumental role in choosing the company or country, as well as the anticipated outcomes.

88. Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon
Founded in 1909, Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) is Oregon’s leading college of art and design. The school is housed in 3 academic buildings in Portland’s Pearl District, and it is home to 1,450 students enrolled in more than a dozen graduate and undergraduate programs. Programs for aspiring animators include Animated Arts (BFA Media Arts), Illustration (BFA Design Arts), Video + Sound (BFA Media Arts), and Drawing (BFA Studio Arts). The school also offers a Post-Baccalaureate Residency, which lasts two semesters and offers study in the areas of Animation, Illustration, Intermedia, Video and Sound, and Drawing, to name a few.

An MFA in Visual Studies is also on the menu and it is offered through PNCA’s Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies. In addition to a variety of programs options, animation students have access to PNCA’s Studio Annex, which houses 92 state-of-the-art private studios and a 2,000 square feet critique and exhibition hall, and The Computer Arts Center, which houses professional equipment and ample studio space.

89. The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles, California
Established in 1997, The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles is home to hundreds of students enrolled in more than a dozen art and design programs, including several programs for aspiring animators and animators wishing to enhance their education and career opportunities. The school’s Media Arts Department is home to the BS in Media Arts & Animation, the BS in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, a BS in Digital Cinema & Video Production, and an AS in Video Production. 

Located in the City of Santa Monica, The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles occupies around 107,000 square feet of computer lab, design lab, classroom, library, and lounge space. The Art Institute’s convenient location places it in driving distance from the ABC, CBS, Columbia, Disney/Capital Cities, Paramount, Television City, Universal Studios, and more. After all, Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world.

90. Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota
Founded in 1881, Dakota State University (DSU) is a public institution that specializes in computer technology. The school, which sits on 20+ acres, is home to more than 3,100 students enrolled in more than 100 programs across 5 colleges. The College of Arts and Sciences is home the school’s Digital Arts & Design (DAD) Program.

The DAD program leads to a BS in Digital Arts & Design with Concentrations in Production Animation, Digital Storytelling, and Computer Graphics. Other offerings include a Certificate in Information Systems Management with a Concentration in Multimedia or Multimedia Design and Production, and Minors in Production Animation (2D), Production Animation (3D), Art, Digital Editing, and Computer Graphic Design.