What is the top animation school program in Maine for 2020?

Top Animation School Program in Maine - 2020 College Rankings
1Maine College of ArtPortland

Our 2020 ranking of the top animation school program in Maine. For an explanation of the ranking criteria, click here.

1. Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine
Maine College of Art

Maine College of Art (MECA) was founded in 1882 as part of the Portland Society of Art. The school serves around 550 degree-seeking students and 1,500 continuing studies students. The school offers BFA, MFA, MA, and Certificate programs, including 11 majors in the BFA program. Among the BFA programs is the Animation & Game Art (AG) Major.

Launched in 2018, the school says that the AG Major is “designed on the premise that in order to effectively tell a story, animators must understand screenwriting, character development, cinematic structure, narrative and composition, and be able to effectively convey the emotions and motivations of a character by mastering skills in drawing, modeling, timing, and gesture.” To develop these skills students will work in studio-like settings to create works and take courses such as Cinematic Storytelling, Character Design for Games & Animation, and Intro to 3D Modeling & Animation.

Students will also take Special Topics: Stop Motion Product and complete the Major Capstone Production. “The program’s dual emphasis on developing both individual exploration and collaborative practices prepares graduates for lifelong personal and professional creative practice. Internships and Professional Studio Courses prepare students to competitively enter the professional marketplace.”