What is the top animation school program in New Mexico for 2024?

Top New Mexico Animation School Programs - 2024 College Rankings
1New Mexico State UniversityLas Cruces

Our 2024 ranking -our thirteenth annual- of the top animation school program in New Mexico. For an explanation of the ranking criteria, click here.

1. New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico
New Mexico State University

The Creative Media Institute for Film and Digital Arts (CMI) is a department in the College of Arts and Sciences at New Mexico State University (NMSU). The CMI houses state-of-the-art animation and post-production labs, production spaces, and a digital projection screening room. Also housed in the CMI at NMSU is a Bachelor of Creative Media program with an emphasis in Animation & Visual Effects (BCM-ANVE); an 18 credit hour Animation and Visual Effects minor; and a Digital Filmmaking BCM.

The BCM-ANVE is a 120 credit hour, cross-disciplinary program with two paths including 2D Production Studio and 3D & VFX Production Studio. Across paths, students will explore animation, digital filmmaking, and digital arts. In 2D Production Studio, students explore drawing for animation, 2D rigging, digital illustration, and writing for animation. 3D and VFX Production Studio emphasizes 3D rigging, modeling, and motion capture techniques. Both paths allow students to learn and practice storyboarding and character and environment design.

The Digital Filmmaking BCM requires 27 elective credits of study, allowing students to focus their studies in animation. Examples of elective course options include History of Animation; Visual Effects; 2D Animation; Storyboarding; Advanced Screenwriting; 3D Animation; Directing I-II; Business of Filmmaking/Animation; Editing I and II; Digital Video Production I and II; and Writing for Animation.

In the final year of the Digital Filmmaking program at New Mexico State University, students will complete FDMA 497: Portfolio Design and Development. This course entails refining marketing strategies, building portfolios and resumes, and developing individual promotion and demo packages.

In the last year of the BCM-ANVE program at NMSU, students will complete 3D Production I and II—the yearlong culminating experience for the degree. Activities for 3D Production I include pre-production (pitch, script, visual and sound references, storyboards, 3D previsualization, scheduling/project management). 3D Production II consists of production, post-production, and distribution of the work created during 3D Production Studio I. Students will graduate with a professional quality and industry-standard visual story that will help them enter their chosen field.

All BCM students are eligible to enter their films or animated productions into the Las Cruces International Film Festival. Entry is free for NMSU students.

Founded in 1888 as Las Cruces College, New Mexico State University is a system of five colleges that serves approximately 21,830 students. Las Cruces serves approximately 14,795 students, making it the largest campus in the NMSU system. More than 100 programs are provided across seven colleges and the graduate school. New Mexico State University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).