A red Squirrel, a Robin and a British Bumble. Three of England's most endangered animals and a recipe for commercialised disaster. This animation was made on Blender for a spring animation competition and because I got bored of counting the hairs in my left nostril. I'm 17 years old, self taught and have been animating for just over a year. Even if the style is a little out of my comfort zone I still hope you enjoy this satirical animation bursting with character, farcical humour and stupidity. Animation by: Sam Fennah Voice acting (if you can call it that): Sam Fennah Animated on: Blender 2.72 Rendered on: RenderStreet Camera man: You're joking right? Lighting technician: Come on stop playing. Food and catering: Phil? Is that you? Hair and Makeup: Sam Fennah (I can explain?) Writer of credits below video: Phil (Knew it!)
Contestant Name: 
Sam Fennah
Spring 2015