‘The Paperman’ is a short stop motion animated unconventional take on the making of a traditional snowman. I wanted to make a lighthearted animation and at the same time surprise the audience with the use of paper as my main material. The use of paper also allowed me to give it it's simple geometrical and minimalistic look. It was shot with a Canon 600D using Dragonframe to facilitate the animating process. Rigging was removed frame by frame in Adobe Photoshop and then the 396 individual frames were assembled in Final Cut Pro. Kevin MacLeod's song Sneaky Snitch was used as the main background tune while foley sound effects were recorded with an iPhone or downloaded from FreeSound.org, a total of 64 individual sound snippets were used; combined and overlapped to give the animation depth and realism. I really enjoyed making this animation and am looking forward to enter your next contests, thanks for organising them!
Contestant Name: 
Lucas Drobnitzky
Christmas Holiday 2017