This animation was created in Anime Studio 11. All characters and props were made specifically for this project and nothing was developed beforehand. Most of the sound effects are royalty-free and provided by Youtube's creator Studio, which provides thousands of free-to-use audio effects. Other sound effects were also royalty-free and were provided by FL Studio, a music software with many audio samples. My animation is a simplistic story about a snowman putting a star on a tree. I wanted to keep everything cartoon-y and minimal, so I condensed the props and background into simple or common geometric shapes. Another thing I wanted to display was a variety of props and situations, so I put the snowman into various silly and wacky situations with a large assortment of props and items. Personally, the most difficult part of the animation was syncing the audio with the video. Finding applicable and free sound effects was fairly hard, but matching it with the snowman's actions were more challenging. Sometimes the animation lingered too long, other times it went too fast and fell out of sync. After all the work, I feel the audio aligns well with the video and helps emphasize the wacky situations.
Contestant Name: 
Nathanial Bui
Christmas Holiday 2017