This is my "make a commercial" animation. The content is based on our hero Jack, who finds himself under a lot of trouble but after drinking his favorite Monster energy drink, he gains super powers which helps him defeat his enemies. I created a storyboard, designed concept art for the characters and the environment. I then went to after effects and made animatics so I could sync it with the sound. I then created characters in reallusion Character Creator, sent them to Zbrush for further sculpting. Imported the characters into iclone and then recorded the motions using kinect mocap plug-in. Made the animations in iclone applying recorded motions. Edited the rendered shots in adobe premier pro and added vfx in after effects. Cut and Run Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Contestant Name: 
Elleck Dibakoane
Make a Commercial 2017