This is an animation for the Celebrity Short Animation Contest – 2016 Found out about this contest on September 21st , and worked on it till October 9th. I have never made 3 minutes of animation in under a month. No doubt its my fault that i found out about the contest so late, but i thought that this is a great opportunity to test out what my animation skills are capable of, and in order to complete this abstract idea of and intense and absurd Kanye West walk till the deadline seemed like a challenge, that i accepted, and worked every day, till i collapsed, woke up, worked again, till i collapsed, this included some sleepless night just because i didn't want to waist any time. In order, to make this idea happen, i had to completely step out of my animating comfort zone and try different animation techniques, at first it fell odd, but then i got into it, i decided to experiment, i couldn't sleep at nights as I kept on brainstorming ideas of what i could do with these techniques. It was no doubt difficult, but fun, hardest part of the process was the sound editing, as i have the least experience in that field, so i'm not that happy with the sound, but i tried and did everything i knew what could be done at this moment :x. The animating of this project for the pas 18 days was my life, my air, my food, my thoughts, my dreams. In the end of the making i kinda got really depressed as the process was coming to an end, and i started thinking that this animation is really not that good, that i bit of more than i could chew, i'm still kinda bumbed out as i have some problems in trusting my self. BUT! only time will answer my questions, only as time passes i will find out if had put enough work in, was it worth it. On the side note, Kanye West is one of my heroes, i'm a big fan of him, his music is truly a concept of art, experience and emotion. As i had to do an animation on him, i learned so many interesting things about Kanye, my YouTube homepage is now 75% Kanye interviews. Anywhoom, i hope you enjoy this animation about Kanye, worked real hard, hoping to entertain some one ^_^
Contestant Name: 
Matas Sergijus Šatūnas
Celebrity Contest 2016