I thought of what movies me and my siblings watched growing up which gave us that really heartwarming FEELS - and Monsters, Inc. just quickly came to mind. So I've done a bit of homework on researching about some fun MI trivia to kinda mix it with my own idea for the plot of this animated short; I used Toon Boom Studio 4.5 for the animation, Adobe Photoshop for the Gaussian Blur (lol), and Youtube Editor for the audio - because my software seems to tamper the quality of the music. Thank you for watching and I hope you like this spin on such a wonderful movie we all love so much. Let's watch the tape, shall we? :) SPOILER PLOT: This story takes place around a couple of weeks after Boo got back to her room. She just turned three, tries to make friends at the Day-care, and hopes to have that birthday wish come true.
Contestant Name: 
Justa Tanate
Film Parody 2017