Roger and the Doritos was created by Cogswell students to enter into a contest for The Dean of Animation sent out an email seeing if anyone was interested in doing this. Myself Alejandro was super excited but didn't know much about animation so I asked people to join on the team and make something great. I read the rules and it never stated anything about how many people could help so we started working. We had 24 days to create a story, get a team together and make all the moving parts come together! It was a tough task but we did it and are very proud of our work! The best part is we recorded almost every day of work and what challenges we came about in the race to finish. The greatest thing we learned about this is how every department work as a team and how to keep the ball moving. Even if we don't win we had a blast doing this and are super excited to make another video!
Contestant Name: 
Alejandro Garcia
Make a Commercial 2017