The "evil" black car is back. And now "he" attacks at Los Santos. To stop him, no less than Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips playing the brothers Grant, Two patrollers who will go to the final consequences to end this terror that does not let the citizens of Los Santos sleep in peace anymore. This is a feature full length Cinematic Machinima Film production which was based on the classic American thriller "The Car" released in 1977, directed by Elliot Silverstein and written by Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack and Lane Slate. This Cinematic Machinima film was produced by Jobert Gaigher with Gta 5 Rockstar Editor running on a XBOX ONE, and edited with Adobe Premiere, and following the same cinematic line of editing of the classic horror movies of the 1970s. it is not a replica of the original film, but an adaptation to the virtual world of GTA V. The voices were extracted from cuts from the original film, as well as the soundtrack of Leonard Rosenman. In addition to a tribute to this classic film of the 70's, pure pleasure to play with the fantastic tool Rokstar Editor, which opens new horizons for the universe of cinematics machinima films.
Contestant Name: 
Kingsley Anyabuike
Film Parody 2017