If you've played any video game that lets you customize your character at all, we've all known the joy of creating our abomination of the main character. Based of off The Sims, you start The Guys 3 by making your video game character. Applications used include Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. I create all of the art assets in Photoshop and animated most of the short using After Effects. I then used Premiere to edit and add the music and sound effects. I knew I wanted to make something based off of The Sims but since you make your own character, I didn't know if that would still be in the guidelines of including a video game character. If so or not, just know that I really enjoyed making this animation. I often found myself laughing at the monstrosity of a character I was making.
Contestant Name: 
Dahia Jackson
Video Game Character - 2019