What happens when the worlds of Tron and Pokemon collide? In this comedic adventure, Pikachu discovers a light cycle – and embarks on a lightning-fast escapade through the luminous expanse of the Grid! At first, this project started out as a brief scene of Pikachu finding a baton – but it turned into a short film. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of “POKETRON” was the volume of 3D modeling required for the finished product. Everything in the Tron world was modeled in Maya; Pikachu’s animation was done in Toon Boom Harmony; and the final VFX (such as explosions) were built in After Effects. Another obstacle was the render time some of the scenes from Maya took over 2 hours a frame to render! (Arnold was the rendering engine used for this project.) All in all, this short film took a little over a month to complete. It was an extremely fun process and a great learning experience! Special thanks to Wilson Hickman, who recorded some of the sounds for this project and voiced Pikachu. To see more art from Hickman Studios, please visit… The HS Blog: www.hickmanstudios.blogspot.com The HS YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd1E1TOY5QJEjpNXWxoZc_w CREDITS: Animated by Kesmine Hickman MUSIC/SOUND There It Is Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ The following audio clips are included with Apple’s iMovie software and are used in accordance with the iMovie Software License Agreement. Borealis (Jingles) Electricity Surge (Machines) Warp Engineering 01 (Sci-Fi) Race Car Drive By Booming Rumble (Booms) Camera Shutter (Foley) Hydraulics Engaged (Machines) Slamming Metal Lid (Booms) Pursuit (Jingles) Hard Rain (Ambience) Ocean Surf (Ambience) Typewriter Electric Suspense Accents 01 (Textures) Suspense Accents 02 (Textures) Suspense Accents 06 (Textures) Synth Zap Impact (Booms) Synth Zap Accent 07 (Stingers) Catwalk Long (Jingles) OTHER SOUNDS: Wilson Hickman VOICE OF PIKACHU: Wilson Hickman SOFTWARE Autodesk Maya Autodesk Arnold Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Toon Boom Harmony Apple iMovie REFERENCES/INSPIRATION GAME CHARACTER – Pikachu (Nintendo) GAME – TRON: RUN/r (Disney) CONSOLE – XBox ADDITIONAL REFERENCE/INSPIRATION – Pokemon: DP Battle Dimension (The Pokemon Company International), TRON: Legacy (Disney), and TRON: Uprising (Disney)
Contestant Name: 
Kesmine Hickman
Video Game Character - 2019