After the zoo closes for the night, two unlikely BFFs have a fun adventure exploring the zoo! Softwares Used: -Adobe Photoshop -Adobe Illustrator -Adobe After Effects -Audacity This has been a really fun process to create! I began writing and whiteboarding back in April. I spent my time throughout May creating backgrounds in Photoshop, some which went unused. From the start I planned it to be a frame by frame with minor flash elements. I've used Illustrator for frame-by-frame animation before but nowhere near as extensive, as this which proved to be quite a challenge. I also had a lot of fun recording voice clips and altering my voice for each of the animals. Compiling each 1-2 second sequence together in After Effects was also really satisfying. Admittingly I had more scenes planned for the animation but due to time constrains I had to cut some scenes out before it was due. However I am really proud of the end result and my work and I hope you all enjoy it! :D
Contestant Name: 
Ryan Kenny
Zoo Animal 2018