I am a representative of a school or college. What opportunities exist to promote my school's program on ACR?
We have multiple options, both free and fee-based, for schools to promote their programs with us. Learn more.  

How much traffic does ACR receive?
ACR generates roughly 125,000 unique visitors per month with approximately 90% of this traffic derived from the US and Canada.

What is the ranking criteria for your various "Top School" lists?
You can find a detailed explanation of our ranking criteria here

I am an animation industry professional. How can I arrange to be interviewed as part of the ACR interview series?
We are always interested in interviewing industry professionals as part of our interview series. If you are interested in being interviewed, just contact us and let us know. 

I am interested in advertising on ACR. What advertising options exist?
ACR generates roughly 125,000 visitors each month with roughly 90% derived from the US and Canada. We are always interested in discussing potential advertising partnerships. If you are interested, please contact us and let us know what you envision and what you would like to achieve. We are happy to customize an advertising campaign to the extent we can. 

I am interested in becoming a contributing writer on ACR. How do I get involved?  
We are always looking for contributors. If interested just contact us and let us know your ideas for new articles.