This fourth seasonal contest completed our first full year of community contests! Not only did we receive more entries than ever before, but the quality of your art continues to grow each contest. We enjoyed watching all of your videos so much that we are giving out more prizes than ever in the past, yet we still wish we could give out more rewards. You all should be proud. Thanks to everyone who participated for making this our best contest yet! Below you will find our 2015 Halloween Short Animation Contest winners.

$1,000 First Prize: The Boy by N. Indika Ratnayake

$500 Second Prize: Home Is Where The Party Is by Andrew Grindle

$200 Third Prize: Halloween Night by José Calvino de Avila Camillo 

$100 Fourth Prize: Ghost Pumps: 2 by C. Michael Broyles

$100 Fifth Prize: Merry and Scary by Grace Shackelford

$100 Best Stop Motion: The Black Castle by Keenan Boyle

$100 Most Funny: "Hello"ween by André Barreto

$100 Most Scary: This is Halloween by Maurizio Stanco

$100 Best Presentation: Journey by Joshua Cook

$100 Best Facial Animations: Lora Vicious by Kryssen Noel Robinson

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