With over 100 contest submissions, our Spring 2015 Animation Contest has been quite a success. Thanks to everyone who participated! Below you will find our 2015 Spring Short Animation Contest winners. 

1st Place ($1,000): The Egg Corn - Mark Eash Hershberger 

2nd Place ($500)FlowerTail and HoneyBee - Sif Perlt Savery 

3rd Place ($200)Bush, Baird, and B.E. - Sam Fennah 

Most Humorous ($100): Bee Careful - Timea and Levente Janos

Best Secondary Animations ($100): Nutty Love - William Martinez 

Best Stop Motion Animation ($100): A Spring Adventure - Josh Donesky 

Best Facial Animations ($100): Sharing Spring - Jackson Chai Wei Hao 

Best Presentation ($100): Spring - Lawrence Rowell 

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