We’ve watched hundreds of your animations over our three contests and this season had the best competition yet. Thanks to everyone who participated! Below you will find our 2015 Summer Short Animation Contest winners.

1st Place ($1,000): The Pirate Booty - Mark Eash Hershberger  

2nd Place ($500): Fun and Friends - Marlowe Lexvold    

3rd Place ($200): The Aqua Life - Mikhail Lebedev    

Most Humorous ($100): Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - Andrew Grindle

Best Secondary Animations ($100): Surf's Up! - Ian Howland    

Best Stop Motion Animation ($100): Arrr... There Sea Monsters? - Josh Donesky  

Best Facial Animations ($100): Tsunami Sneak Peek - Ryan Brockington    

Best Presentation ($100): The Foragers - Cameron Glynn

Honorable Mentions ($0):  Tropical Bliss (Carolyn Mennecke), Amazing Summer (Jackson Chai Wei Hao), Loser, 3D Animated Short (John Beswick).

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